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Life will only respond to those who deserve. Life does not give to those who need.

If you are a watcher you envy the doer. You keep watching the doer, just like you’re watching other people’s lives on tv. Watchers go through life needing things. Have you ever noticed that? They also like to blame others, especially their parents, for their unfulfilled life.

Doers are the few who have the courage to step out of the past and tackle the present. With creativity. With joy of purpose. Doers know they have to plant their seeds to reap their gifts. They understand that the soil cannot plant their needs.

And where do these doers get their seeds? Their seeds are great ideas. Planting this creative thought means learning how to manifest the wisdom and emotion behind the thought.

It is this activation process that gives the doer his gifts. It is the process of bringing your creative idea to life that fundamentally changes who you are.

Watchers can have great ideas. But they don’t nourish them, explore them, feel the brilliance that springs from them. Instead, they forget them.

So, do as the doers do. Forget your tv, your radio, your movie theater. Instead of searching for happiness outside of yourself, explore the wondrous depths within you. You are magnificence. You are creation.

In order to attract Wealth, you must sow your seeds of Creativity. Your life is not complete until you explore your inner gifts and turn them into money generating products. Wealth is a manifestation of activating your inner treasures. The discovery of your creative resources inevitably leads you to the financial fortune you deserve.

All doers learn from other doers who have discovered this spark of joy and manifested it. So, go out to your library or your bookstore, and learn from the greats. And beginning right Now, activate that creative urge within you. You may not realize this, but we are all born to be creators. It is an innate compulsion for us to bring something into being.

A great mind only has no limitations. It is unlimited. Just as a doer only knows how to activate. The two go hand in hand. When you accept that you are a person with unlimited creative powers, how does that make you feel? Is the joy of such a discovery making you gasp? I hope so.

If you’re looking for Paradise don’t wait until…well, you drop off the face of the earth, so to speak. Buckle your seatbelt and delve into your creative mind. It’s all there – joy, love, inspiration, impeccability, honor, beauty.

Copyright 2006 Tania French

Tania Gabrielle French is a composer who has enjoyed performances and radio broadcasts of her music worldwide. Her new CD “Renewal" (released January, 2006) will feature a rejuvenating fusion of new age, classical, and world songs. Subscribe to her popular newsletter at . © 2006 Tania Gabrielle French. All Rights Reserved.


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