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4 Things That Hinder Your Creativity


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More often than once, I come across people that want to become guitar players and yet they posses four traits that a guitarist should never have. Believe you me, with these four traits; you will never become a guitarist no matter how much you try.

Take lawyers for instance, what do you see them doing all the time? Talking right! Does that mean they have to be eloquent speakers or good public speakers, you bet they do. If someone is afraid of public speaking or can't express themselves clearly, they most certainly can't become lawyers.

Today you are going to find out about the four traits never to have if you want to succeed as a guitar player. The four things being: self- doubt, apprehension, self-consciousness and lack of self-discipline. They don't seem bad do they, well they are. Let us take the first one; self-doubt.


Self-doubt is defined as the lack of confidence in the reliability of ones motives, personality or thought. Cool definition isn't it, but one we want to steer clear of by all means. Take a boxer for instance, before a fight he has to go through some serious mind conditioning.

Even if he is going up against a worthy opponent, he has to tell himself that he is going to win the fight. The moment he starts doubting himself; is the moment that he concedes the fight. So you see why self-doubt is a big NO NO.


Apprehension is the anticipation of adversity or misfortune; fear of future trouble. In this case, it would be the fear that you will fail at playing the guitar. Think of the soldiers fighting over in Iraq. If before they left for war; all they could think about was how much trouble they were in, what do you think the chances of them succeeding would be?

You will agree that they would be minimal if any. It is not different when it comes to playing the guitar. Don't fear the unknown, go out and just do it.


Self-consciousness is the obsessive awareness than you are being observed by others. When guitar players are excessively obsessing about people watching them, they become tensed up preventing any kind of improvement (we all know what that means, no improvement; no nice guitar playing).

In the above situation, you might as well be self-conscious; after all, you set up your own demise. Having said that, it is now time to come to the fourth trait never to posses, lack of self-discipline.

Lack of Self-discipline

Self-discipline is simply the regimen you follow for yourself in order to improve at doing something. If you have no self-discipline you would not do the things that are required for you to succeed as a guitarist.

Anything that you want to achieve in life would not be possible without self-discipline; it is the key to success, the very core of your well being as a guitarist.

Now you know the traits that stunt your growth as a guitarist; go out and change them, and you will be on your way to learn to guitar.

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