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How To Create When You're Overwhelmed With Creative Options And Ideas

Dan Goodwin

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Many of us who create fight for an idealistic creative freedom where we can shake off the shackles of convention and create absolutely anything we wish in any creative medium of our choosing.

We want to be completely unbound artists, entirely original, and burn a new trail in any number of new art forms, creating like no-one has created before!

This all sounds very noble, and it's great to have these ambitions. But the problem is, when we give ourselves so many options, and such a wealth of choice, more often than not we end up completely overwhelmed with it all and create absolutely nothing!

Say for example you love jewellery and you're looking for something new for a special occasion. So you visit a local store who stock a wide range of earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Once inside the store, you're dazzled by the array of sparkly delights before you. So much so, you can't even begin to choose, and after an hour of careful deliberation you come to an important decision: You can't decide what to get so you're going to try another store, then come back to this one tomorrow. . .

It's the same with your creativity. With too many delicious options, you go into a state of shutdown and the only choice you make is to choose to create nothing.

So rather than get overwhelmed in this debilitating and uncreative situation, there's a simple way you can encourage your creativity to come out and create again.

Firstly, against what seems most logical, impose a few boundaries on what you're going to create. Yes I know you're an artist and need to be free to create whatever you wish, but that approach hasn't been working lately, has it? So you've nothing to lose by trying something different.

For example, whereas before you might have said “I'm going to paint!", now you're going to say something like: “I'm going to paint a piece about the first days of spring using only shades of green oil paints. I'm going to use a 3 foot by 2 foot canvas and these 3 brushes. " And then you're going to start painting.

Against what might seem logical, when you impose a few boundaries on your creative projects it's actually an invitation for your creativity to step up a few levels and create within those limits.

Just something as simple as stating what you're going to create, and which materials/ colours etc you're going to use will instantly get your ideas and imagination flowing.

It's a far better option than having the pressure of being able to paint absolutely ANYTHING in ANY type of paint, on ANY size of canvas, using ANY combination of colours!

Try setting a few boundaries for your next creative project, and even as you do so, you'll notice the ideas forming in your mind.

In a few months time, wouldn't you rather look back and be proud of a series of different and specific creative projects than having created nothing at all, in the name of preserving your creative “freedom"?

Looking for a way to kick-start your creativity today? Download your free copy of the powerful and practical Explode Your Creativity! Action Workbook at .

From Creativity Coach Dan Goodwin


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