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Creative Self-Sabotage - 5 Fatal Ways You Stop Yourself Creating & What To Do Instead

Dan Goodwin

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The biggest obstacle to you creating freely and easily is you. Even if you're not always aware of it, there are many fatal ways you sabotage your creativity and hold yourself back from realising your full creative potential.

Here are 5 of the most common and how to take a more creative option instead:

1. You don't create regularly. Creativity is like a muscle, it needs regular exercise to become toned and powerful and function most effectively. To do this, a daily “workout" is essential. Schedule a minimum of 15 minutes each and every day to create, and within just a few weeks you'll notice a huge difference in how easy you find creating overall.

2. You start too many projects at once. Just as you start to feel you're really getting somewhere with a new project, you get a bit nervous, or overly confident and decide to start something else. Before you know it, you've got 7 projects on the go, all at crucial stages. Which do you work on? “I know, I'll start something new while I decide. " Instead, pick one project, stick with it, see it through, be proud of what you've created.

3. You don't believe you're creative. What you believe about your creative abilities defines how creative you'll be, it sets the ceiling. Ask yourself what you really believe, how creative you think you are. Weed out those negative beliefs and convert them into positive opposites. For example: “I can only create in one particular form and style" can be turned around to: “I am multi-creative, I can create in any form I wish to apply my creativity to. "

4. You let your inner critic run riot. Do you live in fear of your inner critic, that voice inside that tells you you're useless and asks why do you even bother to create. Picture your inner critic as a person, exaggerate its features, make it look ridiculous. Then picture putting it in a box and closing the lid, while you get on with creating what you want to create.

5. You only create “when you have time". It's a common line amongst creative people - I'll create when I have time. Unfortunately though, when translated you may as well say “I'm never going to create again". You can't wait for time to appear, you have to make time. Commit to a specific time and date to create, write it somewhere prominent, then stick to it. Then repeat the process as often as possible.

Which of these do you recognise as most prominent and destructive on YOUR creative life? What steps can you take today to overcome them and be more creative instead?

And if you'd like to learn more about how to be more creative , you can get your free copy of Creativity Coach Dan Goodwin's powerful and practical “Explode Your Creativity!" Action Workbook when you sign up to the free twice monthly ezine “Create Create!". Visit the website now: .


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