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Its Not Easy Being Green

Sandra Hart

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Sometimes it's a tough life when you are born with an all-consuming-where-did-this-come-from-I-can't-help-myself creative gene. In my own little artistic nest, whenever I am feeling the roller coaster effect of a creative life, I often think of my old friend Kermit the Frog to get my feet back on the ground. Kermit's truism has kept me going many a day and helped me realize that I am not alone. “It's not easy being green. "

If you just have to follow your creative heart, the life of an artisan can be very rewarding when we see those creations, or extensions of ourselves, go from the first embryonic inspiration to it's completion. And no matter how much our works please us, the downside is that creativity is very subjective and often the artisan's work is open to critical review, with the pendulum of appreciation swinging both ways.

Therefore, it is very important that we create for ourselves and our own fulfillment and, in the process, if others are touched by our works, then we have reached the pinnacle of creative gratification. And if we get paid for doing it, that's icing on the cake.

I think I wrote my first poem in the first grade, something about dew drops in the grass, as I remember it. Even then, I never missed an opportunity to write and perform little dramas with my childhood friends. Living on a farm and later in an industrial town in the Ohio Valley during the 50's, I certainly was not exposed outside of my home to as much creativity as those living in more cosmopolitan urban areas, but my need to create has never subsided and is still a driving force within me.

Although, while considering myself as one of the fortunate few who have been given the chance to be employed in several areas of creativity from time to time, I have never lost touch with artisans who have crossed my path, more talented than I, who are content with the passion of the act of creation as a whole in itself.

This is a lesson I'll never forget and one I hope will keep me loving the art of creating just for the personal joy of it.

Excerpt from Read Between My Lines by Sandra Hart, Myartisansway Press 2007

Sandra Hart is the former Ms. Sandra of the children's television program Romper Room and is a working actress, award-winning author and motivational speaker. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and is “Nana" to five fantastic grandchildren.


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