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Be More Creative - 7 Powerful Creativity Secrets You Didn't Realize You Already Know

Dan Goodwin

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We each have within us more knowledge than we realize about how to be as creative as we can be. Here are 7 of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself to unlock this secret creative knowledge, specific to your and your unique ways of creating:

1. What kind of environment do you feel most creative in? Cosy in your creative workspace shutting out all distractions? In the middle of a park with nature all around you? In a buzzing city café, immersed in the hustle and bustle of life? Experiment and find what works for you.

2. What kind of influences help you be more creative? Are there certain people you like being around because they allow you to be more creative? Are there groups or communities you're a part of them that have enhanced your creativity? How can you bring more of these into your life?

3. What single thing could you eliminate or radically reduce in your life that would increase your creativity more than anything else? What's the first step you can towards reducing its negative impact?

4. If a friend of yours came to you saying they were desperate to be more creative, what advice would you give them? What would say are the key elements we need in place to be as creative as we know we can be?

5. When were you most proud of something you'd created? What was it about that experience that brought you most satisfaction? Was it the idea, the enjoyment of creating, the finished art? Or something else?

6. What will help you value you your unique creative talents and abilities more? How can you review your past creative achievements to give you confidence and encouragement to continue to evolve as a creative artist?

7. Which creative medium(s) have you always wanted to try but never have? What's the first step you can take towards this today? Experimenting in different forms, especially ones you're strongly drawn to, is a great way to enrich your creativity overall.

Start by asking yourself just one of the questions, then listen as the answers come to you. Jot down your thoughts, and return to them a day or two later to see what else has come to mind.

The more curious you become about being more creative, the more of your unique creativity secrets you'll reveal, and the more creative you'll become.

And you can take the next positive step to being more creative today by downloading your free copy of the powerful and practical “Explode Your Creativity!" Action Workbook at

From Creativity Coach Dan Goodwin


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How to Be Creative Why Creativity is About More Than Just Making Art
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