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How To Be More Creative - What's The True Value Of Your Creativity?

Dan Goodwin

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What would you say is the true value of YOUR creativity?

It can be very easy to get into a pattern and a way of thinking that creativity is a luxury, an added extra perk in life that we're only allowed to indulge in once all our daily chores are done and our ever expanding “to do list" has been cleared. A selfish treat we can only give ourselves if we deserve it, or if we feel we've been good enough or worked hard enough.

Or, we say we'll create “when we have time", and try to squeeze it in around the hundred and one other demands and commitments each day presents us with. Through both of these ways, consciously or not, we're degrading our creative time to being less significant than the time we use to do virtually anything else.

If you're trying to be more creative, these kind of approaches are a recipe for frustration and disappointment. And very little creating!

Before you can consistently and willingly commit time to creating, you have to value your creativity highly enough. You have to value YOURSELF enough.

So, just how important is creating to you?

Imagine for a moment you're visiting from another planet and have no concept of the value of money, you don't know the difference between a £50 note and £5 note, or that either are currency at all. So you wouldn't know how to value them, how much value to place on either.

But because you're not a visiting alien, you DO know the difference. You know that having a wallet full of 50s is far more valuable than a wallet full of 5s, whatever the currency!

You also know the great value of your creativity.

Not convinced that you do? Then just try imagining a life without creativity.

A life where you were unable to have a single creative thought, where you couldn't make anything, whether it be an association in your mind, a batch of cookies, a doodle on scrap of paper, a painting, a song, a novel, a sound with your voice , a step with your feet or a motion with your hand.

Just how dark and depressing an existence would that life without creativity be?

What you'll quickly realise with this is that actually it's impossible to NOT create in some of these ways. But it IS possible to severely limit your creativity when you don't value it.

Who's choice is that? Your family's? Your friends'? Your postman's? No, ultimately YOU decide how important creativity is to you.

Once you realise the true value of your creativity, and how terrifying a life without creating would be, you're instantly motivated to make the time you need - the time you deserve - to be creative.

So take the time to think long and hard about the true value of YOUR creativity. Then follow it up with the consistent action you know it deserves. . .

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