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Staying in Flow


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The term “flow" refers to a state of being that allows your full creative expression to pour out of you without thought or hesitation. It is often accompanied by a feeling of ease, comfort and a sense of timelessness.

The beauty of “flow" is that it feels as if your work, project or activity held no effort and was produced by a force outside yourself. You will often feel at the end that you have lost track of time and that the results are indeed fine work!

Creative expression is often attributed to artists, writers or musicians-rarely attributed to leftbrainers! However, even task-oriented careers or professions require an element of creativity for team work, strategic planning, presentations and collaboration. Sales professionals absolutely benefit from creative expression as a means to help distinguish themselves and add value and branding to their services and products.

In looking at your work or career today, ask yourself which moments have you felt this sense of “flow"?

  • Was it when you were involved in a team brainstorming session?

  • Was it in the midst of your engagement in a large project?

  • Was it when you really understood and communicated the needs of your client well and the “sale" seemed to close by itself?

  • Was it in developing new programs, new products or new services?

  • Was it in creating new joint alliances and collaboration with others?

    Your creative expression is not only measured by a canvas or music sheet, but can be measured by the way you communicate, by your ideas or by the way in which you collaborate with others. Knowing where your creative juices flow is the beginning to setting up situations and circumstances which will allow this to occur as much as possible. You will enjoy your work and projects more knowing where and how you can inject opportunities for expression.

    Flow is merely an expression of who you are and the uniqueness of how you project yourself. Being and staying in “flow" is allowing yourself to freely create without worry or attachment to the result while in the moment of creating. It is the state of pure potential, freedom and unlimited possibility!

    Joanne Baskin is a Certified Professional Coach with ignitus Coaching. “ignitus" helps individuals and organizations create a compelling vision, accompany individuals through their goal-setting and establishing work and life balance through empowering beliefs.

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