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Memory Improvement 3 Great Tips to Improve Your Memory and Boost Creativity

Yan Lii

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How Can I Improve My Memory?

In order to improve your memory, you have to use it! And bearing in mind that there is a short line between memory and creativity, I would recommend you use the following memory training strategies:

1. Memory & Creativity Training With Associations

Try to associate events, people, numbers, anything you have to remember with funny or bizarre situations or cartoon characters. For example, let's say you meet a new person - Jules. How are you going to remember her name? I, for one, would imagine her with big jules in places of eyes, so next time I see her I automatically recall the funny picture in my mind and remember her name.

2. Paying Attention To Details

Try to pay attention to every detail everywhere. For example, if you meet a person try to quickly notice every detail about him: color of clothing, footwear, jewelry, eye color, rings. . . everything. And after that try to recall how he/she looked like. This is a great memory exercise and I would recommend this especially for men as women tend to pay better attention to details by nature. You can use this tactic not only on people but also on environment. As you enter an unfamiliar place, quickly pay attention to the smallest detail and then close your eyes and try to recall how many people where there, how many tables, stools, cars, trees where in the room, garden, park, whatever. When you can easily do that try to pay attention to even smaller details, for example, what was the color of the cars, what models were they, how many leaves were there on the trees. . . kidding :)

3. Play Memory Games

Drop World of Warcraft habit for a while and try something more challenging. Play chess, checkers and other games with small to none luck factor. These games will make you think ahead and remember combinations and it is fun, too. Lots of these games are found online where you can play with other people.

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