Increase Creativity A-Z - K Is For Knowledge - Why You ALREADY Know How To Be Highly Creative

Dan Goodwin

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However unsure you feel sometimes, in those moments when creating feels about as easy as breakdancing in quick drying cement, you CAN be as creative as you wish to be.

You have all the resources within you to increase your creativity to whatever level you want, and to create as abundantly and as deeply as your heart desires.

When you struggle to be more creative, what blocks you is not the knowledge of how to be creative. You have that knowledge, and you can’t ever lose it. Deep within you, when you listen hard enough, you know exactly what to create, how to create it and why you want to create it in the first place.

The creative blocks are just that, various obstacles that get in the way of you hearing your true creative self. That unlimited creativity within can’t get through.

It feels like trying to listen to music through headphones with the volume down low. Except the headphones aren’t even on your ears, they’re in the room next door. Under a pile of cushions!

So if you already know how to be as creative as you want, if you already have that knowledge within, how can you learn to listen to it better?

There are 3 key elements to learning to be more creative and start listening to the creative you inside:

1. Believe that you DO know how to be creative. Look at creative work you’ve done in the past that you’re proud of. All of us have projects we cherish because we know they showed – if only for a glimpse – what we’re really capable of creating when we fully apply ourselves. If you reached this kind of level once, you can do it again. And you can do it even better.

2. ALLOW yourself to be creative. The biggest enemy against your creativity will always be yourself. Be kind, make it easy and allow yourself to be as creative as you can be – both in practical terms, and in your mind – and you’ll create so much more freely and rewardingly.

3. Practice! If you want to increase your creativity you need to practice. You can’t just transform it overnight, just like an occasional weekend jogger can’t suddenly run a marathon in record time tomorrow. Create a little each day and build those creative muscles slowly and surely.

You already KNOW how to be as creative as you could ever wish to be.

Start using the tips above today to truly listen to the creative you inside, and see the changes it brings to your creative life.

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