Increase Creativity A-Z - F Is For Focus - 5 Ways To Get Creatively Focused Starting Today

Dan Goodwin

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One of the most persistently challenging issues we face as creative people is how to focus our creative talents, ideas and energy.

Often people struggle to come up with new creative ideas, and they spend their time finding more ways to do this. It’s easy to then go to the other end of the scale and have almost TOO MANY ideas.

The problem isn't having too many ideas, because we can always store them up and cherry pick the best ones to use at a later date.

The bigger problem is WHICH idea to choose to work on next.

Getting focused and starting with a concerted effort on just one creative project is hard enough. Then maintaining this focus for long enough to see the project through is another challenge still.

Sometimes, it seems like riding a unicycle backwards across a tightrope whilst blindfolded would be easier than staying focused on one creative project.

So here’s 5 ways to help you get more focused, starting today.

1. Commit to at least 5 dates. Pick a project that appeals to you, then decide – before you even begin it – that you’re going to commit to 5 substantial sessions working on it. Then, after your first 5 “creative dates”, decide how it’s going and whether you’d like to continue. But don’t be a serial one date wonder, only giving a new project one chance before discarding it and moving to the next!

2. Remove all other projects from view. Once you’ve picked your next project, then take all other possible new projects out of the equation. Yes maybe you do like to play the field a little, see what’s out there. But for once try a little monogamy and give that one project all your loyal attention.

3. Create somewhere you’re comfortable creating. If you pick a new project then try to work on it in an environment you feel most relaxed and creative. Give yourself the best chance to bond. If you took a new prospective partner bungee jumping, sky diving and white water rafting on your first 3 dates, chances are you’re not going to get much meaningful conversation!

4. Don’t keep reminiscing about past projects. If you’re constantly thinking about how wonderful past projects were, you don’t give your creativity a chance to get to work on this new one. Yes, maybe those old flames were great. Which shows you have it in you to make this new project just as fantastic. If you give it the attention.

5. Treat your new project with respect and consideration. This new project might be the greatest work you ever create in your life. Give it the courtesy, space and respect to unfold itself and blossom fully. If you treat it as well as you can, it will give you the same level of reward in return.

These are 5 ways you can be more focused on your creative work starting today.

Pick a project, use these ideas as guidelines and notice what a difference it makes to your level of focus.

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