The Power To Decide


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"Most people are about as happy as they make their minds up to be. "
Abraham Lincoln

Each day I decide to love my family, friends, colleagues, and myself.

I have come to appreciate that whenever I am in an upset, I can decide to love the people involved despite the circumstances.

In my relationship, I can decide to love and stay connected with my mate regardless of what has occurred. This catapults me back to my center, where I experience my own dignity and power and my attention goes to what needs to be done. I discover that somewhere, somehow, both in my inner and outer worlds, I have what it takes and I am again able to enjoy my day.

All of this is generated from deciding.

This approach has evolved from deciding the following:

I have decided that I am sufficient.
I have decided that I am enough.
I have decided that I have what it takes and the world around me has what it takes.
I have now, have had in the past, and will always have, enough.
I have decided that change is ok.

To begin something or to bring anything to a definitive end, we decide.

Ending uncertainty is a decision.

Selecting a course of action is a decision.

Resolving a dispute is a decision.

Making choices or judgments are decisions too.

Deciding establishes consent.

We make decisions each day, almost as often as we breathe, yet many of us are taking action (both positive and negative) without first acknowledging that we are responsible for deciding to do so.

Character—the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s life—is the source from which self-respect springs. ­ Joan Didion

Taking a moment to acknowledge our decision establishes intent, and therefore, acknowledges responsibility.

To generate the experience of being directly responsible for the actions you take, consciously acknowledge your decision to act prior to taking the action.

“I have decided to eat this breakfast"
“I have decided to walk across the room"
“I have decided to accept this acknowledgment"
“I have decided to see this with humor"
“I have decided to stop diminishing myself"
“I have decided to trust myself"
“I have decided to make this communication"
“I have decided to experience this in this way"

You will be amazed at how your life will come into focus and how much clarity and energy you will experience.

Deciding constitutes volition, without which ideas remain in the unseen world and do not become activated to take hold in the physical universe.

Without deciding, there would be no resolve. Resolve implies an expressed or clear decision or determination to do or refrain from doing something. Example: He resolved to quit smoking.

Attention is a creative energy.

Deciding is significant because it aligns with commitment to eradicate hesitancy, fluctuating, vacillating, or wavering.

Just as having a commitment is distinct from actually being committed. Having an intention is distinct from intending. The absence of determination, resolve, and volition reconciles intention as a noun, a non-action.

Intent is the state of mind in which an act is done.

To deal with my many negative habits, consciously deciding to no longer be that way, act that way, think that way etc. , has been my most powerful ally.

Decide to love.

To love is a decision. Many people think that love is a feeling. This notion has caused people to believe they have stopped loving. Many a broken heart in mate relationships, lovers, friendships and families, have been caused by the notion that love can begin or end.

Decide to trust.

Trust is a decision. Many people think trust is a feeling. When another does not deliver on their promises or when we do not keep the promises we make with others or ourselves, the experience of trust diminishes. Yet ultimately, the decision to trust or not trust is up to each individual.

Happiness is a decision I must make. ­ A Course in Miracles

Decide to be happy.

Most folks think that happiness relies on circumstances. Nonetheless, happiness itself is ever present. We decide to experience it or not. Even in the depths of my grief I have experienced moments of happiness and contentment in knowing that I am capable of loving profoundly.

Each of us is responsible for loving, trusting and being happy in our lives. Basing the decision to love or not to love, to trust or not to trust, to be happy or not, on previously determined sets of circumstances, agreements or experiences, might seem to shift the responsibility to something other than ourselves, but ultimately each one of us is responsible for the decision. Circumstances, agreements, experiences and beliefs do not have choice. We do.

For me to experience the freedom in being in integrity to the best of my ability, each day I consciously decide to tell the truth, go for results, maintain my freedom of choice, and manage my agreements.

Decide to trust. Decide to be happy. Decide you are sufficient. Decide to be curious and delighted and radiant and generous and fully alive.

But most of all, decide to love. Again and again and again, the decision to love will lead you home.

This is your life. Don’t miss it!

Matt Garrigan is a motivational speaker, the founder of LifeForce Educational Corporation and the creator of The Liberty Experience Training , The Mastery Course and the Awakened Potential Course. Matt has been a pioneer in the human potential movement since 1980. His exceptional goal oriented coaching techniques, expanded consciousness training, awareness counseling, integrity coaching and spiritual guidance have assisted thousands of individuals in transforming the quality of their lives. As a motivational speaker Matt’s ability to uniquely integrate many different philosophies and practices, combined with his steadfast commitment to empower people, makes his work a potent, life enhancing experience that sheds light on new possibilities in communication, relationship, prosperity and enlightenment.

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