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Fran Briggs

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Have you ever noticed that so many of us who work diligently and ethically rarely achieve our objectives? And, why is it that those who-seemingly-work half as hard and half as long experience one success after another?

The answer is twofold; successful people succeed because they implement proven, systems for success. Secondly, successful people have mastered the art of making time, work for them.

Are you utilizing proven systems for success in your life? Here's a powerful outlet that you can use to easily plug in proven, systems for success, today.

- Commit to daily, definite objectives

- Entertain only empowering thoughts

- Enlist the help of others

- See it, then be it!

Begin each day with enthusiasm and commitment. Write down or review your objectives. Your objectives are priorities which you have committed to make happen. Put down your “by when, " or the hour that each task will absolutely be done by. Honor each priority as you would a meeting with your employer.

Choose to entertain only thoughts that empower yourself or others. When challenged by adversity, recall similar situations where you triumphed, in spite of. Empowering thoughts serve as fuel. They get you from where you are, to where you desire to be. Drive by any negative thoughts. They'll contaminate your fuel and corrode your entire “think tank. " Identify quotations, scriptures and stories which you can refer to for inspiration. Refer to them often!

My favorite stories come straight out of the Bible. Like the one about the three Hebrew boys who refused to bow down to “pressure" and instead, demonstrated their faith by willingly walking into a firery furnace. They came out totally unscathed! State out loud the things that support your optimal outcome. Learn to expect the best in any given situation.

Successful people seek the help of others. I have always said that no one succeeds alone. Asking assistance from others is an excellent example of intelligent use of your time. Once you know your plan, communicate your objectives to those who you can trust to follow through. Enthusiastically explain your objectives and clearly describe your “big picture" with them. They'll catch your enthusiasm and will be more than happy to assist you in any of your endeavors.

Being successful is as simple as seeing yourself successful. Visualize your ideal day from beginning to end. Include all of the details. Our brains are powerful, multi-sensory, multi-stimulated extremely interactive organs. The sharper the picture we create, the more energy we release towards its manifestation. Create the ideal conditions for your victorious vision in your mind's eye. It will pull you towards the successful “you. "

You just received a powerful outlet and amazing systems for success. Plug ‘em in, plug ‘em in!

Fran Briggs is an author, Peak Performance Coach and President of The Fran Briggs Companies, an organization which helps others take their potential beyond the max! For more information, or to sign up for your free successzine newsletter, visit:


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