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In the movie, “The Gladiator, ” Emperor Commodus’ rose to power early on because he realized what was most important to the people of Rome. Most would believe influence would be gained by the accumulation of wealth and fame. In Rome it was neither. The greatness of Rome was found in the “sands of the coliseum. ” Rome was built on the idea of being great. And everyday that was shown in the battles in the arena.

In the day, Rome was not a normal city. Like any progressive city, it had many of oppositions. Rome exists today because of the blood that was shed for hundreds of years for the idea it stood for. Greatness will always come with a price.

Maximus “the gladiator”, a man who loved his city for what it stood for, in the end died a noble man who served Rome well. As a general or a slave, Maximus never forgot who mattered most, the People.

“Win the crowd, and you will win your freedom. ” -The Gladiator

Twenty years of counseling trainers and consulting health clubs have taught me many things. However, nothing has hit home to me more than this; being a six figure a year personal trainer has more to do with people than numbers on an exercise chart or treadmill.

My advice to the health club owners, fitness directors and personal trainers; get back to giving great service to the member and client. With all the fitness clubs and wellness products offered today, wouldn’t you think America would be getting thinner? You are not. Why do you think that is?

Here are five things to remember and one thousand dollars of free advice, if you want to make it big as a personal trainer:

#1: Be sold out to your profession – Act like a professional

#2: Understand, it’s not about YOU! – Leave your ego at the door.

#3: Never forget where you come from – Take people for granted and they will leave.

#4: Practice what you preach – Talk your walk!

#5: Do whatever it takes – Have an ethical game plan.

Gladiator, I salute you!

Greg is a best selling author and high profile fitness expert. A former employee of Kathy Smith and fitness trainer to the stars. Greg spends most time now counseling other trainers, speaking, and writing books. For more information and a free mini course on the 100,000 dollar personal trainer program email me at


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