How to Make $100,000 Dollars as a Personal Trainer - Part B for Business!


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My name is Greg Ryan. For the last twenty years I have counseled thousands of personal trainers, fitness directors and gym owners on how be successful in the health and fitness industry. No matter where I go in the world, no matter the size of the gym the biggest reason for their lack of success is all the same. My question is, “Do you want to be a mediocre Personal Trainer or do you want to be a GREAT one?

Most of you will only be good ones if you are lucky. Only about five percent of you will be GREAT. What I mean by being a great personal trainer falls into three categories: love what you do, self employed and make a six figure income consistently. Here is how:

Part B: B is for Business

When running a personal training business there are four virtues you want to live by; Honestly, Authenticity, Modesty, and Generosity.


When someone asks you a question about exercise, fitness, or a health in general, it is ok to say, “I do not know the answer to that. ” Don’t stop there, close the deal. Find the correct answer, and explain your findings. That action will give you more brownie points and build more credibility than anything.


The more transparent you can be, the more your clients, players and customers will respect you. I do not paint them a pipe dream picture.


Keep your head on straight. As in golf, you are only as good as your last shot or your last client.


Give people more than they expect in service. Write articles, go food shopping, what every it takes to keep a client happy and getting results.

Here is the Intro to my e-book – “It’s NOT about the Numbers!”

This book focuses on the client side of the personal training industry; however you must not deny the business side of your career. There are a few things worthy of mentioning that should be taken serious when running a company like the structure of the business, marketing, and professionalism, Yes, being a personal trainer is running a company. You are the company. You are the business, so you need to take yourself serious and treat it as a business.

Being a professional fitness trainer is just that. You are a professional. It is a business so treat it as serious as if you were in any other business. Whether you make one hundred dollars a year, or thousands it does not matter. If you take what you are doing serious your clients will too.

Think like a CEO

A trainer and coach who are sold out should act no different than a CEO of a company. You are a CEO, so then think like one.

Greg Ryan is a Health club and personal trainer consultant, high profile fitness expert and former employee of Kathy Smith. He is best selling author of “It’s NOT aout the Numbers!” Discover how to make $100,000 year after year For FREE MINI COURES email me at


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