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Change is in the Air

Elias Scultori

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As I was driving this morning to one of my appointments, I was stricken by the bold and vivid colors displayed on the trees. We are in the height of the fall season here in the northeast of the USA and especially today, nature is showing all of its glory in its wide color pallet and its beautiful weather. This is a sign of change. The trees are beginning to feel that the sun is a bit lower in the sky and the nights are cooler. It is time to shed the leaves, hibernate, stay still. . .

Change is happening all around us and as I continued to drive, I couldn't help but ask: What are the changes happening in our own lives today? How comfortable are we with these changes? How accepting of them are we? Even further: How much do we welcome these changes? Somehow we have this crazy idea that life is supposed to go seamless and to be always predictable. Of course, we want some excitement. We don't want life to be boring, but if it goes a bit more than we expect, we complain and sometimes, even wonder how unfortunate we are.

How can we better deal with change? How can we be open to the changes happening in our lives? How can we use these changes to center our own journey and move even closer to our dreams?

I wish I could have something else to say here, but change is happening to us all the time. Some are simple. Some are challenging. But the fact of the matter is that change is constant. The more we fight or ignore this fact, the more we suffer. This is a battle that if we engage on, we are bound to lose. But acceptance does not mean defeat. Actually, acceptance should mean partnership. When we accept, we put ourselves in a position of working together with. It is not failure, but the fact that now we have a different element in us that instead of hurting us, it can work to our advantage. Acceptance is the first step to learning, to growing. And acceptance is a choice. We either do it or not. What is your choice today?

Letting Go
When we accept the new, we must let go of the old. This is perhaps why it is so difficult to accept change. We become so easily attached to our own nature that it is hard to accept that today we are different than how we were yesterday. We want security and we believe that by being the same, we are safe. The fact is that as we evolve, we need to make room for the new and this means releasing what is no longer needed. Is there anything you need to let go today?

As we change, life moves us into new lands. Change means that things are not the same. And this is an opportunity to open our horizons, to learn new skills, challenge our assumptions and see parts of us that were unknown. And we can use this new information to adjust our path and fine-tune our goals. Change can teach us to sharpen our vision and help us be even more focused on our life-purpose. What is life trying to teach you right now?

Change means growth. Even when everything seems to be going backwards, we are always moving forward. It may not be going on the direction in which we predicted, but we are moving. Are you going to catch up or stay stagnant, pretending that everything is the same and nothing has changed? Change is an opportunity to expand. When we accept, when we let go, when we learn, we grow. We become a new person and more in synchronicity with our true self. What are the areas in your life that are ready for some growth to happen?

The benefits of change far outweigh its challenges. Change is not easy - by far! But change can be a way to discover a new way of living - a better one. When we know this, we begin to welcome change. We begin to realize the new direction in which life is taking us and we become more open to the lessons we are being taught. We than realize that life begins to flow more easily and as we dance in the moment, we become even more aware of the blessing of each moment, or each change.

As the trees change colors, we too are changing ourselves. Let us be open to the new possibilities that life is bringing us today.

Elias Scultori is a professional life coach. His practice and speaking engagements expand across the country and abroad. His focus is on helping his clients remove barriers, unearth their talents and true desires so they can build a personal and/or professional life journey that is full, rewarding and authentic. Elias was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and presently lives in Princeton, NJ. To find out more go to


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