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Special Report Reveals How to Avoid The Five Fatal Marketing Mistakes Made By 80 Percent of Coaches

Alun Richards

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Mistake 1. Not Having a Niche

By far the biggest mistake made by coaches is not having a niche. Admit it, you've heard this many times, but you may not have taken action on it yet. According to my research, 67% of all coaches do not have a niche. The fact is that the most profitable coaching practices are those that do have a niche. And they are also the easiest to market to.

So what is a niche?

A niche is a small, distinct part of a larger market. It's one that has a definable set of members that are distinct from the mass market. These members of a niche have specific needs and wants, and they have specific problems that are similar within the niche.

This means that finding and marketing to a niche is likely to be profitable. And there will be possibilities to reuse your solutions.

Mistake 2. Not Knowing Their Biggest Problem

You must know - or be able to find out - the problems that are commonly experienced by your niche. Whatever niche you have, there will be common problems experienced by most members of the niche. If you don't know the biggest problem (or problems) experienced by your niche, you will not know what they are most willing to pay good money to resolve.

If you do know their biggest problems, you're half way to a solution. You need to be able to define the problem succinctly and specifically. As well as asking what the biggest problems are, as why this is a problem. This will get you good quality information that you can use in creating a solution to the problem.

Mistake 3. Not Having a Solution to Their Problem

The next biggest mistake is not having a solution to the problems experienced by your niche. Of course, you may already know a solution to their biggest problem. Or you may not know, and may have to work to create a solution.

Whatever situation you are in, identify the next steps to having a solution for your niche. If you need to create a solution, consider what resources are available to you.

Here are some ideas:

  • You can import ready-made solutions from other disciplines.
  • You can use friends, colleagues or family members for ideas.
  • Consider what previous business acquaintances could help you.
  • What skills and knowledge from other areas of your life are relevant to the problem?

For other sources of ready-made solutions, consider what other people may have ready-made solutions to the problem. These may be within your niche - in which case you might consider a joint venture.

Or they may be from outside your niche, in which case you could consider adapting the solution to make it more specific to your niche.

Mistake 4. Not Knowing How to Reach Your Niche

You must be able to reach your niche effectively, either online or offline, and preferably both. Reaching them implies knowing where to go to meet them, online and offline. Offline this means special interest groups, associations, networking groups, trade shows and the like.

Online this means forums, online lists and the like. If you don't know where they meet, it's research time. If you do, it's action time for you!

Mistake 5. Not Taking Action

Finally, there are a number of coaches who have come this far only to be paralysed in not taking action. You must, you must take action. It's the one thing that differentiates the successful from the also-rans. As you've read thorough this report, you'll have begun to identify what actions you need to take next. Write these down and set a deadline for their completion.

Identify whether your next step is to gather the information you need to complete the action, whether you need access to someone or something to proceed, or whether it's simply about blocking out the time to do it.

But make sure you plan and are committed to do it.

Five Coaching Marketing Mistakes Summary

This report has examined the five fatal marketing mistakes made by 80% of all coaches.

In summary, they are:

Mistake 1. Not Having a Niche

Mistake 2. Not Knowing Their Biggest Problem

Mistake 3. Not Having a Solution to Their Problem

Mistake 4. Not Knowing How to Reach Your Niche

Mistake 5. Not Taking Action

It is very likely that one of these mistakes is seriously impeding your ability to dramatically grow your coaching practice.

Just by identifying this and committing to taking action, you will be ahead of the vast majority of coaches, and on your way to having a successful coaching practice.

Taking Action

We said earlier that one of the biggest problems for coaches with their marketing is not taking action. Commit to take action now as a result of reading this report. What are the three actions you can take this week that will begin to resolve the marketing problems you face? Write these down.

For each of these, what is the very next step you must take? Write these down. Yes, write them down even if they are very straightforward.

Now commit to doing these this week.

© Copyright Alun Richards 2008. All Rights Reserved. You may freely distribute this article providing you do so in its entirety; ensuring the copyright and contact details above are included.

Alun Richards helps coaches find and reach their coaching niche. Discover yours with the free mini-course, “Discover Your Coaching Niche", available from


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