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What I Learned About Letting Go From Wearing A Sling

Rebecca Soulette

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When I had shoulder surgery earlier this summer, I was given a sling to wear for the first time in my life. The challenge I had with wearing it was fascinating to me. Slings are pretty straightforward: it holds your arm so you don't have to. Yet, I hadn't been ready for how much I wanted to hold my arm myself!

What I hadn't realized until I got home from the hospital was how much I, instinctively or habitually, kept my arm tense, as if by doing so, I was making sure it was safe and taken care of-which, of course was the sling's job, not mine! Learning to relax into the sling and let it do the work took me a few days of sincere effort to master.

Why I found this intriguing was this: I realized, while I was having tremendous trouble relaxing into my sling, that I am just as wound up in my life. I don't generally let life hold me either. For all my ability to go with the flow in some situations, at the core of my being, I just don't trust life or God that much to let go and let it take me where it would take me. I feel like I should be the one controlling it.

The sling was a poignant reminder that sometimes, it really is in our best interest to let go and let someone or something else take care of us (after surgery, it was IMPERATIVE that I not move my arm, and relaxing into my sling was the only way it would happen).

How open are you to letting life take the lead? Are you open to letting others support and care for you? Are you willing to let go and be surprised by what life might bring to you? Do you trust God or the universe to take care of you? Or do you think you need to do all of the work yourself?

What would your life be like if you relaxed? Even a little, tiny bit? What if you let go of control for five minutes? For an hour? For a day? For a week? What if you let your body actually relax?

For myself, before my sling, I had thought I WAS relaxed, but my inability to rest my ANESTHETIZED arm showed me differently! I couldn't even feel my arm and still couldn't relax it without tremendous effort and concentration!

How much energy do you use up on a daily basis trying to hold your life together? Even in ways you might not have noticed? For instance, do you hold tension in your body somewhere? Why is that? If you were more able to let go and trust, would your body relax? Are you willing to try it?

This week, I invite you to RELAX and LET GO, even for five or ten minutes a day and see what a difference it makes!

(c) 2008 Rebecca P. Soulette

Life Coach, Rebecca Soulette, CFLC III, is a senior level coach certified through the Fearless Living Institute. She is an expert in helping her clients to live fulfilling and balanced lives packed full of inspiration, joy, and freedom. She offers FREE ecourses, resources, teleclasses, private 1:1 and group coaching. For more information or to sign up for her FREE email newsletter, check out

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Supporting A Broken Arm Or Wrist By An Ergonomic Sling
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