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Guaranteed Growth With Coaching

Dirk Zeller

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Many Agents today are working longer hours to keep on the treadmill of life. They are delaying, or scrapping, long-range focus in the marketing and prospecting business system arenas. They often are neglecting their time investments for their health, families, and self-development areas of their life. They are spending a tremendous amount of time working on their business. They are truly an employee of their real estate business, rather than the owner, CEO, and visionary of their multi-million dollar sales company. To be an owner means you can walk away for a vacation with your family and the business continues to turn out your product. Your business continues to earn an income for you while you are lying on the beach. Is the huge price being paid worth the results? Can one grow with balance?

Real estate Agents are starting to employ the same strategies used for years by the best athletes, entertainers, and business professionals. They are hiring a coach.

We live in a time when there is an abundance of information. We can attend seminars, listen to tapes, and read books. We have more resources for growth than any other time in history. There is one crucial barrier to utilization of the knowledge you have even now. It is action, or an implementation strategy. Someone to hold you accountable for the implementation of the new idea, or development of the new skill needed. The guidance for creation of the new streamlined system. The step-by-step strategy of implementing the “Disciplines of a Champion"Ô.

A coach has one other important focus. Coach, Tom Landry, put it best, “A coach is someone who tells you what you don't want to hear, and has you see what you don't want to see, so you can be who you have always known you can be. " A great coach will shrink the gap between where you are and the true potential that is inside you. If you are not achieving your full potential you are a prime candidate for coaching. To be successful, a coach must be passionate about your success in life.

Selecting a coach in your specific field creates a greater impact. My years of success in selling real estate have enabled me to impact my clients more directly. Since I have been in similar situations that my clients are currently facing, I am able to help them understand the situation quickly.

A coach will do five specific things to guarantee growth:

1. Create a higher level of understanding: You will know your business at a deeper level than before. You will understand the components and ratios that make up your whole business. If you don't know where you are, and the activities that got you there, you will struggle to move forward. The path will always be treacherous because often we don't know the path we are on today.

2. Clarify your vision: Do you know what your business will look like in five to ten years from now? Creating a strong vision for your multi-million dollar sales company will help you develop a new passion for the business. If you don't know where you are going, then how will know when you get there? I see a lot of frustrated, unhappy Agents nationally. Unhappiness is defined by not knowing where you are going and killing yourself to get there.

3. Strategic plan development: The plan starts with the vision; it then encompasses your goals, and moves to the smaller bite size pieces. Your plan needs to be broken down from the big annual goal, to quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily disciplines, or into specific activities that will ensure the long-term vision.

4. Stay on track: A good coach will motivate, inspire, teach, and hold you accountable to your vision and goals. He will not only help you focus on the daily activities, but also the big picture and the long-term vision for your company. He should also hold you accountable to achieve success with balance.

5. New ideas and sounding board: A good coach will challenge you with new concepts and ideas to transform your business. He will also be a solid sounding board for your new ideas and strategies to move your business forward. A coach can be objective and non-emotional in the decision making process.

If we are to continue to learn and grow, we need to be continual learners. We must become master-students of ourselves. We need to study our strengths and weaknesses. We must clarify our desires and passion for our life. Then create the plan to seize opportunities.

The true key to success is through action and implementation. Think about where you are going and if you are fully equipped to get there. Do you have the tools ready to put into action?

If you don't have the tools of implementation, but you do have the desire for improvement and success, you are a candidate for a coach. Don't sit back on your past success. Grab for the brass ring.

Dirk Zeller is an Agent, an Investor, and the President & CEO of Real Estate Champions. His company trains more than 250,000 Agents worldwide each year through live events, online training, self-study programs, and newsletters. He's the widely published author of Your First Year in Real Estate, Success as a Real Estate Agent for Dummies®, The Champion Real Estate Agent, The Champion Agent Team, Telephone Sales for Dummies®, and over 300 articles in print.

Real Estate Champions is a premier coaching company. Training covers a wide spectrum from new agents, to seasoned, as well as those interested in real estate marketing or real estate investing.

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