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Executive Coaching For Learning Agile Leaders - Key Coaching Principles

Maynard Brusman

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The core of any executive coaching engagement is facilitating a goal-directed conversation with the intention of the coaching client getting better and improving his or her condition.

Principle number five can be particularly controversial. A number of coaching models suggest that the answer always lies within the client and that the job of the coach is largely to ask powerful questions to guide the client in discovering the answer within. For the most part, I agree with this philosophy. However, I think that sometimes you might not have the needed answer or resource and that a wise seasoned executive coach can provide great value by suggesting ideas, resources or perhaps even giving advice. What is most important is that the executive coach assess the specific situation, and that he/she uses good judgment always with the intent to serve the client best interest of the client.

I respectfully ask my coaching clients if they would appreciate my suggesting ideas, resources or on occasion when appropriate offer pertinent advice. Most of my clients (especially lawyers and accountants) seem to resonate with this collaborative and interactive approach.

Key Coaching Principles

1. Synergy causes better results, much more easily. Proper coach/client matching is essential for synergy to occur. Fit with the organizational culture and chemistry between the executive coach and coaching client are critical to an effective engagement.

2. When people are fully heard, they move forward immediately. Not being heard slows down personal development and human evolution. Active listening is a core coaching competency.

3. Any situation can be optimized, turned around or improved. And if it cannot, get out of it responsibly.

4. Fewer problems occur when one has a strong personal foundation. Rising above the stuff of life is step one in coaching.

5. Sometimes the coaching client has the answer, sometimes the coach does. It does not really matter where it comes from.

6. One can have a beautiful life. It is not a fantasy or pipe-dream. It really is possible, and in this lifetime.

7. Humans operate at one percent or less of our potential. Coaching increases this percentage.

8. Success is a basic human right. Success has nothing to do with privilege or background.

9. When the client properly defines success, coaching becomes easy. And clients know better how to use their executive coach.

10. Most people do not really know their purpose or what they truly want. A coach can help clients discover what is meaningful to them by asking powerful questions and listening deeply.

11. What one puts up with costs one dearly. Alignment with your values and purpose creates happiness.

12. The world is waiting for people to discover, express and share their creativity.

Could you benefit from working with a seasoned executive coach?

Dr. Maynard Brusman is a consulting psychologist, executive coach and trusted advisor to senior leadership teams.

We provide strategic talent management solutions to select and develop emotionally intelligent leaders and lawyers.

The Society for Advancement of Consulting (SAC) awarded two rare “Board Approved" designations for Dr. Maynard Brusman in the specialties of Executive/Leadership Coaching and Trusted Advisor to Attorneys and Law Firms.

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