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Business Coach - How Many Prospects Called You Last Week? - 10, 5, 1, 0? - How To Get LOTS MORE

Alan Boyer

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I find that alot of coaches aren't getting in front of enough people, and some . . . well, even when they get in front of prospects aren't getting their attention. Doing both, getting in front of enough prospects, and then getting the attention of those you get in front of are critical. Until you get their attention, nothing else you say matters. It won't be heard.

When most business coaches are out there selling “coaching" or saying “I am a coach" when someone asks them what they do, the results are usually quite abysmal.

Do you get frustrated when you go networking and no one wants to talk with you about coaching? Or they listen, fidgeting.

When you send out a direct mail marketing campaign of 1,000 letters do you get 50 calls, 10 calls, 5, or even 1?

Have you given up on marketing because it isn't working? If so, ask yourself what you've been doing wrong. Ask if you are talking about you or your coaching in your marketing and networking, or if you are exploring what your prospect might want. So, you say, they would want what you have to offer if they only knew about it . . . right? Well, yes . . . but . . .

Yes, they would be interested IF you were talking about something they would be interested in, but it isn't “coaching. "

If you want to get their attention then develop a core marketing message that you can say in about 15-30 seconds maximum when you meet someone that is about their pain and the fact that you have a solution.

Let's look at how most business coaches respond. About a month ago I was in a trade association dinner meeting and everyone was given about 60 seconds to introduce themselves. I had noticed that all of the coaches had gathered together at the same table rather than mingling around the room. That was a mistake in itself. However, when they were given their chance to introduce themselves it sounded a little like this.

  • Hi I'm George from Executive Coaching LLC. I'm an executive coach. I'm a certified coach, certified by _, with an MBA. I'd love to have an opportunity to help you guys with your business.

They all pretty much sounded the same. Pay close attention to what was said there. It was ALL about THEM. Nothing was about the prospect or their issues. I'm sure you've heard that people are more interested in What's In It For Them than anything else. Was there anything there that talked about THEM or THEIR ISSUES?

Some of you may be saying, “But, they need coaching, so yes there is something for them there. " That's your perspective. They don't have a clue that coaching would help them resolve a problem, or how well. So, move toward telling them what coaching does for them.

I don't know about you, but I measure success by the low roar I hear from the crowd when I give my elevator speech, and by how many people approach me afterwards asking me “how do you do that" or asking me if we could meet sometime.

The following elevator speech had 50% of the room rushing past all of those other coaches to ask me “Wow, how do you do that?" And got me 10 appointments.

Try this (be sure to not get hurt in the rush to get to you)

  • I work with struggling IT business owners (the trade association was a group of IT people) who aren't getting enough clients. Many of them are working 15 hours a day, no time with family, and aren't paying the bills. I help them double their business in weeks. Anyone here want to double next week?

Then give them your name and tagline.

Notice something? I didn't say anything about me until the very last. Everything else was about them, their pain, and a potential solution with a value statement - double their business.

When you stop talking about you, your business, what you do, and start talking about their pain, and a solution to their problem it will get their attention, and that's what you want. Up until you got their attention nothing else you said matters. It wouldn't even be heard.

This typically gets 25% to 50% of a room asking to talk (that's assuming they are struggling business owners). Do this when there are other coaches in the room and watch what happens as the crowd rushes by them to get to you.

Make sure to measure where you are now, and your progress when making changes like this. If you get zero, or maybe 1 so-so interested person when you say what you say now, if you start connecting with them on “what they want" you'll see the number jump at least 10 times. From there, everytime you tweak it slightly, and find that you connect better than last time you'll see those numbers go up and up. I've seen clients make the initial leap and think they are there. They may be getting 10% of a room, but when they adjust just a few words here and there they see it move to 20%, 40%, and sometimes more.


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