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How To Set Goals


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Did you know that only 3% of all people set personal goals, but they account for 97% of all the income generated here on earth? That is a shocking figure nevertheless it is true. This fact is also reflected in my coaching of other people; the people who set goals are far more successful than others. I you think it over it's not that surprising. Think of all the successful athletes, business men, music stars, etc. They all set goals, otherwise they don't know what they should strive for and wouldn't know when they have achieved their goals.

Which part do you belong to, the 3% who set goals or the 97% who do not set goals? Which part would you wish to belong to? The 97% of all people who always need to worry about money and success, or the selective group of 3% who can focus all their energy on creating what they want?
During my coaching through the years the by far biggest concern almost all of my clients have is to get the finances in balance. That is why a financial goal should be part of you personal goals.

How do you then set good goals? Here are some advices.

1. You should have a burning interest in what you want to achieve
2. The goal shall be possible to measure
3. Set a due date when the goal shall be achieved (by the latest)
4. Write down the goal in present tense
5. Preferably you shall have goals that include finances, health and relationships
6. The goal shall be large enough so you are not really sure how to achieve it

The best way to start working towards achieving your goals is to create a goal card that you read 10 times every morning and 10 times every evening, preferably in front of a mirror so you can see yourself reading the goals. This activity will make you become one with you goals.

This is an example of a goal card:
- Before December 31:st 2008 I am grateful that I have an income of at least $ 50,000 per month, I run at least three miles three times a week and I spend at least 20 hours of quality time with my family each week.

Start with this exercise and continue for at least three weeks, reading your goals. After a while you will notice that you thoughts and behaviour start changing and you are on your way towards achieving your goals.

I wish you all the best luck!

Hans Thorn

The Success Coach

Hans Thorn, The Success Coach, has developed his coaching skills through personal development the last 20 years, to overcome his severe anxiety that nearly killed him. He has looked all over the world for the answer to his ailment. After searching outside himself, Hans found the answer within through spiritual development with a precise method that he discovered. Since then Hans has helped hundreds of clients with success in areas like economy, health and relationships. For more information, visit Hans’ site at or sign up for his powerful Coaching Tips at


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