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Wellness Coaching How Wellness Coaching Can Make Your Diet Success Last For a Lifetime

Celia Westberry

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When approaching a whole food diet, what do you hope for? Rapid results in 30 days or are you seeking prolonged results to last for a lifetime? And, what is the untold secret between lasting results and temporary results. And why is permanent success so elusive? Why are manufactures of diet pills able to depend on us to buy their latest and greatest product?
Consider the frustration of succumbing to the pressure to try the latest fad diet, and in a few months you are struggling with the same weight problem.

Clearly the lasting diet success rate would be huge if the answer was about taking the latest pill or potion. What if your diet success generator is in your total control? This could have a negative effect on social condition that led us to believe that the cure is elusive and outside of ourselves.

Here is a new thought about getting what you want with regards to success with your diet. It is the idea to use wellness coaching to help you recondition your brain to accept a new concept permanently.

Research on the brain has shown that it has the capacity to change its biology to accommodate us, when we change our mind about our every day choices. This concept of the biochemistry of the brain changing in a positive way, to guarantee our success with new challenges is called neuroplasticity.

The Neuroplasticity concept has yet to reach the social main stream. It is never the less significant. This is so, because to get the mind to change brain biology gives control back to the individual, without the use of pills and drugs. This is huge personal control. It is bordering on the realm of the miraculous.

Here is how this mind-brain interface helps humans to meet and beat any challenge.
It is not a miracle, and it takes more effort than taking a pill, but then this is what makes it permanent and you get to keep your biological profits.

Actually there are only two things you have to do well. Be totally focused and be serious about wanting permanent change.

With the help of your wellness coach find out what habits hinders you now. Accept that it is your block to success, and then give your mind an entirely new process. The neuroplasticity theory assures that without much more effort on your part your mind will change the biochemistry of your brain to override old unwanted habits and accept the new suggestion.

There is however the hard stuff. I once had a client that felt that she was falling apart bit by bit, and visiting her doctor far too often for minor ailments. As her wellness coach, I asked her to write down everything she drank for one week. Since this seemed like a no brainer, she did it. On her next session she said to me, I was so clueless about what I drank! I was so amazed that I drank so much Coke and wine.

I than asked her what are you going to do about this insight? She had accomplished the major milestone on change - gathering information without judgment. This is close to the Buddhist practice of mindfulness. She was at the point of clarity where she took the mental effort, using her mind to give her brain new information.

With my guidance she decided what and how much she willingly desired to drink, and how well she wanted to feel. With neuroplasticity or (change of neuronal circuits) the choice created by your mind changes the brain's biochemistry.

The joyous news about this is that with this practice in mental effort, you can accomplish just about any milestone in your life. The scientific world is very excited about these momentous findings and is even investigating using this mind-brain interface on serious medical conditions like obsessive-compulsive disorder that does not respond to medication.

If you are struggling with a new diet it is wise to accept this neuroplasticity theory - The brain continually refines its neural circuitry to meet the challenges presented. This is the breakthrough that with a bit of coaching brings you to easy lasting success.

It is good news, that your mind has the capacity to influence your brain power, to help you overcome your specific challenges with great accuracy.

Celia Westberry, M. S. is a wellness coach who has been helping people overcome their wellness challenges to achieve lasting success for 2 decades. She writes about anti-aging and is the author of Eat Yourself Younger Effortlessly - the easy way to slow aging, feel great, and look good. To get her Free eBook Secrets of Healthy Eating Revealed visit:


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