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How To Change Our Behaviors?


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Our behaviors are mainly affected by our past. As we review our own life, we can recall experiences that formed our neuro associations and thus set in motions the chain of causes and effects that brought us to where we are today. What meaning we give to such things. What drives our behaviors is instinctive reaction to pain and pleasure and not intellectual calculation!Practically we know that eating chocolate is bad for health, but we still crave for it! Why? Because we are not driven so much by what we actually know, but rather by what we have learned to link pain and pleasure to in our nervous system. It is called neuro associations, the associations we have established in our nervous systems that determine what we will do. Although, we like to believe that our intellect drives us, but mostly our emotions - the sensations that we link to our thoughts - is what truly drives us.

We are not always faithful to this system as we override it often. When we stick to diet for a certain time, we get back to our daily routine of not following the diet properly. This happens when we solve a problem for the moment and it resurfaces as we have not eliminated the cause of the problem. So for change to last, we must link pain to our old behavior and pleasure to our new behavior and condition it until it is consistent. Going on a diet and overriding our pain in the short term by sheer will power never simply lasts as we still link pain to give up fattening foods. for this change to be long term, we need to link pain to eating those foods, so that we no longer even desire them and pleasure to eat more of the foods that nourish us. So healthy and fit people believe that nothing tastes as good as thin feeling!They in fact love foods that nourish them.

So all we must is link enough pain to smoking and enough pleasure to quitting it. Even though you have the ability to do that, you might not exercise this capability because you have trained your body to link pleasure to smoking or you fear that stopping would be painful. Thus we can learn to condition our minds, bodies and emotions to link pleasure or pain to whatever we choose. By changing what we link pain and pleasure to, we will instantly change our behaviors.

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