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How To Make Instant Changes By Taking Actions Immediately


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First, write down four actions that you need to take that you have been putting off:

May be you need to lose some weight. May be you need to stop smoking. May be you need to communicate with some one you have had a falling out with. Or reconnect with some one who is very important to you.

Second, under each of these actions, write down the answer to the following questions:

Why haven't I taken any action? In the past what pain have I linked to to taking this action? Answering these questions will help you to understand that what has held you back is that you associated greater pain to taking action than to not taking it. Be honest with yourself. If you think, “I have no pain associated with it", then think a little harder. May be it is the pain of taking time out of your busy schedule.

Third, write down all the pleasures you have had in the past by indulging in this negative pattern:

For example if you feel you should lose some weight, then why have you continued to eat bulk size of chips?You are avoiding the pain of depriving yourself and at the same time you are really doing this because it makes you feel good right now, gives pleasure. . .instant pleasure, which no one wants to give up. So to create a lasting change, we need to find a way to get some pleasure without negative consequences.

Fourth, write down what will it cost you if you do not change at this moment:

What will happen if you do not stop eating so much sugar and fat?If you do not stop smoking?If you do not make that urgent phone call?If you do not start consistently working out?Be honest with yourself. What will it cost you over next two, three, four or five years?What will it cost emotionally?What will it cost mentally?What in terms of self image?What in terms of physical energy?What in terms of self esteem?What in terms of finance?What will it cost you in relationships?How does that make you feel?You need to remember that what drives us is our emotions.

Final step is to write down all the pleasures you will get by taking each of these actions right now:

Make a huge list, which will drive you emotionally that will really get you excited. I will gain the feeling of really being in control of my life. I will gain a new level of self confidence. I will gain physical vitality and health. I will be able to strengthen all me relationships. I will develop more will power which I can use in every other area of my life. My life will be better in all these ways now, over the next two, three, four or five years. By taking all these actions, I will live my dream. Envision all the positive impacts, both in the present and long term.

Thus what we link pain to and pleasure to shapes every aspect of our lives. We have the power to change these associations, our actions and eventually our destinies.

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