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Why Are You The Way You Are?


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Beliefs make the difference between a lifetime of joyous contribution and one of misery and devastation. These same beliefs cause some individuals to become heroes while others lead lives of quiet desperation. So. . . what are beliefs designed for? they are the guiding force to tell us what will lead to pain and pleasure. Whenever something happens in our life. . . our brain asks us two questions:What will this mean, pleasure or pain? and What must I do now to avoid pain or to gain pleasure? . The answer to these questions are based on our beliefs and our beliefs are driven by our generalizations about what we have learned could lead to pain and pleasure. These generalizations guide all of our actions and thus the direction and quality of our lives.

Generalizations in more complex areas of our lives can sometimes create limiting beliefs. May be you have failed through on various endeavors a few times in your life and based on that you developed a belief that you are incompetent. Or perhaps, you made a few poor decisions in business or relationships and have interpreted that you are a bad decision maker. May be in school you did not learn quickly as other kids, and rather considering the idea that you have a different learning strategy, you may have decided that you are learning disabled!The challenges with all these beliefs is that they become limitations for future decisions, about who you are and what you are capable of. Most of our beliefs are generalizations of our past, based on our interpretations of painful and pleasurable experiences.

Most of us do not consciously decide on what we are going to believe. Often our beliefs are based on the misinterpretation of past experiences. Once we adopt a belief, we forget that it is merely an interpretation. We begin to treat our beliefs as if they are realities. Thus when we ask. . . why people do what they do? . . . we need to know that humans are not just random creatures but all our actions are the result of our beliefs. Whatever we do, it is out of our conscious or unconscious beliefs about what will lead to pleasure or take us away from pain. If you want to create a long term and consistent change in your behaviors , you must change the beliefs that are holding you back!

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Why Are You The Way You Are?
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