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ADD - Does Childhood Still Haunt You?

Tellman Knudson

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When you were a kid in school, do you remember being in class and watching the lawn people go about their weekly routine, rather than listen to the teacher? Or, maybe they called you a “daydreamer, " because when the teacher called on you, not only didn't you know the answer to the question, but you didn't even know what the question was. This all happened in classes that didn't interest you in the least. While in classes that turned you on, you were all about paying attention.

This can be true of all children at different times. But kids with ADD or ADHD find it hard to pay attention, unless the subject is something that really, really matters to them. If you were a kid who got poor grades in everything but phys ed. , though you tried hard to study and just couldn't remember the information anyway, you probably had some level of attention deficit. What's worse, you may have continued through life seeing yourself as a failure.

If you didn't get along with your peer group, this is very probable. You may have been regularly corrected by your teachers for speaking out in class or for misbehaving. Getting on the teachers’ bad sides probably got you on the bad side of the class, too. Or, if you had trouble playing by the rules or waiting your turn, your playmates probably didn't like it, either. And if you had the hyperactivity factor added to your ADD, adults probably were yelling at you all the time to just sit still.

But here's the deal: None of that was your fault. Attention deficit or ADHD made you behave in those ways, and you couldn't help it. Your parents weren't bad parents, either. You were just born that way, and it wasn't until about 25 years ago that the medical community decided that attention deficit symptoms didn't go away when people grew up. Those with milder symptoms probably learned to control them better, and probably even became seemingly normal, productive adults. But some people with ADD weren't that lucky. Some of us with attention deficit have addiction problems, relationship problems, and problems at work.

If that sounds like you, and you haven't been tested for ADD, it's time for you to have that done. Take a simple preliminary test to see if what you're experiencing could be attention deficit. It may not. People with some ADD tendencies don't actually have attention deficit. But if you test and find that you might, then you need to understand that you don't have to go through life feeling miserable. See someone who is qualified to diagnose and treat you. And something else important:

Always remember that you're great! Many of the people you grew up hearing about and perhaps admiring, had attention deficit, too. People like Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla both showed ADD symptoms . You're probably extremely intelligent. You're undoubtedly creative, and you can think at the speed of sound. Find an ADD-friendly job that suits you instead of trying to be the square peg in the round hole. Become part of an ADD community, and learn what your strengths and weaknesses are. You can do it! Realize that attention deficit can actually be very powerful. You just need to learn how it can work for you.

Tellman Knudson is CEO of OvercomeEverything, Inc. and a certified hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner who has helped many clients achieve ADD Success . Get your free weekly ADD Success tips when you visit at


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