The Magic of Purpose


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The magic of purpose is the quickest and most effective way to turbo-charge your life. Everyone is different, made up of different genetics, different upbringings, just as your personality is different from mine, so too is your purpose.

You know that there is more than the here and the now, you realize that you have a reason for being here. But do you know what that reason is? What drives you to get out of bed every morning? Do you know what could happen if you knew…are you ready to know?

Do not be mistaken to think that your purpose is something that you receive. It is not something that you receive. It is something that you are serve or contribute with intention backed behind it as your burning desire for it.

So what are you working towards?
What is your underlying motive for this?

When you know what you are working towards and you know WHY you are working towards it, the world can create magic in order for your purpose to come about.

Don’t think for a second that you don’t have to do anything, and that the world will serve you your purpose on a silver platter. You still have to work for it, for it is in the journey that the most is learnt. Give it all you’ve got, and heaven and earth will shift that will bring about this desirable force that grants your purpose.

Your purpose is granted and that is so…

Below is a recipe for Sarah Liddle:

Recipe for the coach

2 cups of a Love for Life
2 tablespoons of determination
3 teaspoons of confidence
a dose of personal belief
a dollop of compassion
and a sprinkling of peace.
All mixed together with a burning desire to coach and educate humanity.


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