There is No Tomorrow!


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Death tells us that we must live life now, in the moment — tomorrow is illusion…
~ Leo Buscaglia

“Tomorrow” is a word that does not exist in reality. It is a word that describes a concept that encompasses a future state of time that never arrives. Unfortunately, people have been misunderstanding tomorrow as something real and something that they can use. Due to this misunderstanding, we are losing out on the possibilities of today, the only time that exists or will ever exist.

Of course there are practical ways to use the concept of tomorrow. Tomorrows can be used to plan meetings and to plan for the future. All you can do with a “tomorrow is to plan”. Action and implementation can only happen and will always only happen today.

People have been losing out by misusing this idea of “tomorrow”. We have been putting off living the life that we want by saying that we will get to it tomorrow. We have closed off all the possibilities that are inherent in this present moment and have given the power of possibilities over to tomorrow. Since tomorrow never arrives and is constantly being pushed one day later, our possibilities and potential also never arrives and is pushed to another day. We lose out and throw to another day that which we could have created today. This all happens because we believe in the reality of tomorrow when it is just an illusion.

There is no reality in a “tomorrow”. People love to believe in tomorrow because they cannot conceive of a time when they will not exist. A tomorrow is a glimpse of immortality. We have fooled ourselves into thinking that we will not be leaving this world. We have fooled ourselves by creating the concepts of future planning and believing it to be a reality rather than seeing it for the illusion that it truly is.

“Tomorrow” is the eternal postponement of our lives and putting off living for another time. We fill our present moments with daily distractions that do not allow us to look into the fact of our mortality. We are constantly filling our lives with things in order to cover up the emptiness that we feel inside. This emptiness is the symptom of us not living our life. We replace the life inside us with things from the outside. It is a replacement that will not work because anything that we get from the outside will never fill in the emptiness that we created by not living life to the fullest.

Sukhbir Singh is the Creator, Seminar Leader, and LifeCoach of LifeApps! Personal Development International.


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