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Most people want to be liked appreciated loved and adored but why those same people are taken as boring while they try so hard?

As you know by now, I like to make a point by telling stories and I have just the right story for YOU.

This summer I had a cross country meeting in Athens, it was a very profitable year for me and I was one of the lead spokesperson. My team and I stayed at the Hilton hotel; everyone went to sleep cause of the exhausting journey. I couldn’t sleep so I went to the top floor Bar to have a drink. Have you seen Athens by night? It’s magnificent; from up there you could see the Parthenon it seemed like it was floating In a sea of dazzling lights, really an extravagant view.

Anyway I sat at the bar and after a while a guy sat next to me. He asked my name and why I was there. I told him my name and that I was there for business. I didn’t tell him that I was one of the most successful entrepreneurs at my age in my country and that I would train the next day 600 people for 100€ each.

I found out that he was a TV person, he was organizing Live Shows. I asked him like a million questions, how he was producing the shows how many people were needed for a live show how much he was paid how he talking on the phone, where he lived where he went to school when he was young, literally an endless list of questions.

After 5 scotch whiskeys I was kind of dizzy so I thanked him for the conversation and I left. As I was headed to my room he stopped me and told me I was the most interesting person he met the last 7 years. As I walked away I was trying to realize, what in the world just took place here. I mean he only knew my name and that I was there for business.

Then I had an epiphany, it was very simple, if you want to be interesting all you have to do is to BE INTERESTED, if you want to be respected all you have to do is to RESPECT, if you want to be loved all you have to do is LOVE.

Don’t Try so Hard to prove you, just listen and do the right questions.

Your Friend,

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