Rising Above the Average

Laura Johnson

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There is nothing more motivating than reading a story about someone who comes from a poor, difficult life and rises above it to do so much with their life. Reading about a person who had so many obstacles in their way and they overcame them to be the most incredible people. We adore reading those stories and they are so inspiring. They also can tie you to a place of average. It is possible though to rise above the average!

When someone wants big change in their lives; when they want to have more, give more and they have always had a life that just isn’t too bad at all, it is hard to get past that. It takes a great need, a burning desire to want to step out of the norm and get everything you can in life. If your life is okay and all your basic needs are being met it is a challenge to really put yourself in a change mode. Making the decision to really go for a big dream where there is fear, confrontation, chance of loss, is such a hard thing to do.

Looking at where you are, one can see a decent life where you have a nice 1500 square foot home, 2 cars that were made in the last 5 years, the ability to spend a hundred or so on clothes a month, and all your basic needs and some of your wants met. People are comfortable here. They don’t have to work too hard. They don’t have worry too much as long as nothing major falls apart. They can barbeque, have a few friends over and just take it easy enough. So why give that up?

For some living an average life is NOT enough! Thoughts of rising above the average starts in their head and cultivates in their heart. There is a strong desire with equal amounts of fear bubbling through their veins. Unlike the ones who start with nothing and can only go up; the average are at a comfortable place and they can lose that with which they are contented. Sometimes you get started and then you see that you are going to have to step out and do things which in your average life you don’t have to face. You have a typical amount of respect from people and if you take the chance to step out there is a chance of looking like a fool, losing your assets, and not even being average anymore. Why mess with something that just isn’t that bad?

Sometimes… you just have to! You can rise above the average when you realize that your life is not enough if you haven’t stretched to reach for your dreams. If you can’t give the amount of money to help others that you have always wanted, if you can’t have that choice of making your living doing what is your life’s purpose, if you can’t do or have some of the extraordinary, than there can be no contentment for you.

When an average person comes to this stage, they have to get committed inside themselves. They have to know that if they are going to have what is a successful life for themselves they are going to have to face that fear, take that challenge, figure out what is going to make them successful and create it.

Is it easy being average? Yes, actually it IS easy. Is it enough? Not for some of us and we have to set those goals, go past the norm, challenge the fear, and do whatever it takes. And as we continue to create that success and live our life’s purpose; we WILL rise above the average!

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I started my first business teaching people self-esteem and motivation. It was an exciting business and I sometimes would hear from clients 2 years later telling me how I had changed their lives. I have trained 1000's of people on motivation, self-esteem, creating success and computer software skills and recorded about 200 training videos. I have always enjoyed public speaking and writing. I have worked with Orrin Hudson of BeSomeone.org in creating speeches and PowerPoint presentations for his charity. My passion is helping others reach their goals, define their dreams, and create their success!


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