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Saleem Rana

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Your mind is so powerful that what you focus on happens. Your intent bends reality, creating vibrations in the quantum field.

Your mind has enormous creative power. You have the power to think, feel, imagine, and intuit. But, even more, you also have the power to focus and attract.

When you focus on something, you emit thought-energy. This thought-energy interacts with the energy in the quantum field and you attract things similar in pattern to your thoughts.

Most people, unfortunately, do their focusing unconsciously.

They are NOT choosing with awareness what to focus on.

They allow their minds to run them. Their minds, obsessed with a problem, focus on the circumstances that distress them.

They then attract what they DO NOT want.

Why? Because they focused on it.

They allow their brain to focus on what it has been programmed to focus on.

They get the result of that focusing, usually negative.

Reality is not partial.

Reality is the dance of atoms that interact with your thoughts.

Reality is what you draw to yourself through your attention.

If you want your life to be better, you have to be better. In particular, you have to be more aware of how you think.

What you think matters. It creates your experience.

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what the bleep do we know

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