How to Create a Thriving Prosperous Life


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You only have to look around you at your friends, family and colleagues to see that there is an abundance of people who have talents, yet many are held back by a mortgage, a family, lack of confidence or some other reason.

Deep inside us we all have a dream of living a thriving, prosperous life, but often we‘re unsure of how to navigate our way through the issues that come our way, and too many people, too often, give up and start making excuses to themselves about success being for others.

What I think is vitally important, and something that is often completely ignored these days is this: no-one else is quite like you. That’s right, you are unique - as unique as a sacred place, rare bird or a beautiful flower.

This uniqueness seeps out of you each and every day. It can’t help it. It’s because it is who you really are. When this uniqueness is suppress, negative feelings like frustration, anger or disillusionment rise.

You only have to look at the statistics that employers publish about lost days through stress or other related sicknesses to know something is not right in the employment market. This is nothing more than individuals forgetting about their unique gifts and trying force themselves into a role they have no energy for.

What I work with is Life Purpose. Life Purpose is all about starting with the unique gift you were born with and using that as the central driving force for your whole life. Working like this clears away the clutter of reasons and excuses. It re-ignites the fire of life.

You only need remember a time when you totally loved what you were doing. If you remember a time like this, you'll know you were in timeless awareness - where the hours slipped by without you realising.

I'm one of the fortunate ones, I'm absorbed by work I love. It took some initial searching to find my purpose, but I'm now totally absorbed by what I do and earn my living from doing what I love.

If you've been signed off work recently with stress, feel lethargic, overweight, depressed, lost and often unsure then I strongly suggest reviewing your life purpose. If you don't you're going to drift through life like a boat drifts across the sea when it has no rudder.

Suggestion – Take time to consider all your talents and gifts. What have you been doing when you have been completely absorbed and lost all track of time? What areas do you feel you haven’t explored that you would have like to have done? Ask other people what they see as being your strengths, talents and gifts. What do they think is unique about you?

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