The Big Secret

Jim Donovan

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"Within you is the power to change your life"

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of radio interviews promoting the release of my new book, Handbook to a Happier Life. During several interviews the host remarked that “Handbook" is a pretty simple book. One woman asked me what I had to say to that. I replied, “Thank you!"

You see my goal was to take all of these success principles and produce a book that was both easy to understand and simple to use. I do this because success in any area of your life is within you. Success in your business, relationships, spiritually, health, education or money is the result of following a number of simple principles that have been passed down through the ages and within you is the power to change your life.

If you examine the core ideas in any self-help book, you will find references to ideas that have been expressed for thousands of years. In my personal success library, in addition to the Bible, I have many great books dating back to the early 1900’s and they all point to the same thing - within you is the power to change your life.

Success is the result of practicing simple principles daily and growing a little bit at a time until, one day, you reach your goal. Of course, at that time, you’ll want to set an even bigger goal and keep the process going. You see, we humans along with everything else in God’s universe, are ever expanding and it is our natural desire to grow and become better in every area of our lives. It is our nature to want to experience more of everything life has to offer. Wanting more loving relationships, better health, more spirituality and peace, more success, and yes, more money is as natural as the oak tree growing bigger with each passing season. We live in an ever expanding universe. Are we to believe we are any different than everything around us?

If you run across someone offering to sell you the “secrets to a better life" or someone claiming to have “inside information" run the other way, because you have just encountered a 21st century version of the old “snake oil salesman. " Too many people today are looking for short-cuts or magic bullets. There are no short-cuts other than staying focused on what you want and there are surely no magic bullets. If you follow the simple principles in my books, and others, you will reach your destination and live a life beyond your wildest dreams. I know this is a fact, because I am living proof of the value of these ideas. My life today is magical and continues to grow and expand. Believe in yourself, follow your heart, live your dreams and remember the biggest secret - within you is the power to change your life.

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