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A depressed young man asked a great saint: ‘I always feel tired and restless. I don’t know why I am in this world. Can you solve my problem?’ The saint replied: ‘Actually you still have to discover your purpose. As soon as you discover it your tiredness and restlessness will transform into a dynamic positive energy. ’ Then the saint gave him a valuable piece of advice: ‘For one month go to the people, talk to them, observe their life and their needs. You may get a new light that will take you to your true destiny. ’ The young man indeed found that light, his true purpose – to fight for the betterment of the people of his country, and his personality transformed into an invincible force. The young man was Julius Caesar – the greatest Roman king.


Men become great only when they are fired with a great purpose. Animals haven’t progressed or civilised because the ability of their mind is limited and they are unable to have a purpose. Even most of human beings live their life in the similar manner. Human civilisation, progress and wonderful inventions have been possible due to the men having strong purpose. A large number of human race feel a kind of fog or cloud between them and their mind. They are unable to see through it and discover their purpose of living. Here lies one more secret behind phenomenal success of some persons.

Try to observe some successful people, organisation or business houses. You will see one common and remarkable trait in them. All of them have some purpose. All successful people feel that they have taken birth to achieve something worthwhile in life and they are working hard to do that. If you want to get more than moderate success your first and foremost goal should be to discover your purpose.


Great painter Grandma Moses (Anna Mary Robertson) was 76 and purposeless, and heading towards a painful death. Six doctors declared that her severe arthritis would leave her fingers forever bent & crippled and she would have to depend on others for every work. Fortunately for her the 7th doctor was able to understand her psychology and suggested her to draw or paint. She laughed at the suggestion as she had never held a paint brush in her life. And now her hands and fingers were not in the position to do it. The doctor knew it was her last hope to live a better and satisfied life thus he stressed upon his suggestion and advised her to give it several tries. Astonishingly the idea clicked with her psychology because she had at last found her real purpose in life. Between the age of 76 and 94 she painted a huge number, six hundred, of paintings - most of them masterpieces. She enjoyed a new zest in life and a better health too. Even at 94 there was no retirement for her. She painted 400 more wonderful creations (including her famous The Night Before Christmas) till she was 100 - really astonishing. So this is the magic of finding a purpose in life.


One of the greatest Indian Businessmen Dhirubhai Ambani struggled hard and did many odd jobs for several years till he found his purpose. After matriculation he was doing different odd jobs to earn his pocket money when his elder brother called him to Aden and helped him to get job in Burmah Shell as petrol attendant (filling petrol in the vehicles) in 1953. He worked in this company for five years. Now working in the company became extremely restless for the youngman as he had found his real purpose in life: to build his own business empire with modern business methods. He resigned from the company and came to Mumbai. Although he had not much money but he had a will to work hard and a determination to fulfil his dream. The village boy of a poor family was soon on his way to explode over Indian business world like a volcano and become the greatest first generation businessman of India - his brainchild Reliance Industries leaped forward at a mind-boggling speed. How to Find Your Purpose

Many persons find their purpose naturally and suddenly and proceed towards it with complete dedication. In some cases real purpose of one’s life is not found even for several years. To progress in life faster you need to know your purpose as early as possible. Well-thought answers of the following questions may help you to find your real purpose in life. Write your answers in a diary or in your file in the computer.

1. Which work do you enjoy passionately?

2. What do you dream most of the times?

3. What do you like to do in your free time?

4. Which work can you do without tiring?

5. Are you crazy to do something? What’s that?

6. What are your qualities?

7. What is your unique talent in your opinion?

8. What do you mostly dream while sleeping at night?

9. Which work makes you enthusiastic?

10. Write three works that you would like to do before dying.

11. If you have only 24 hours to live what would you like to do?

12. If God gives you Rs.100/- crore how would you spend it?

After writing the answers of all these questions your main purpose will start sparkling in front of your eyes. As soon as you discover your purpose in life a magic happens. You start to enjoy life more. You are ready to sacrifice anything, ready to do anything to achieve your goal. Soon your life gets wonderful transformation. Your stamina and mental powers suddenly become stronger. Working, eating, sleeping, walking, travelling there is always one thing on your mind - what to do to fulfil your purpose.


Example of Grandma Moses shows that true purpose of one’s life can be found at any age. Many persons find their purpose at a very young age, and many on the onset of old age. Bill Gates, Chairman of Microsoft and the richest person of the world at present found his purpose (to bring a revolution in IT) at a very young age. His immense passion for his purpose made him immensely successful. Dhirubhai Ambani also found it when he was young. Great Indian emperor Chandra Gupta Maurya, when he was still young and a vagabond, teamed up with a middle-aged Brahmin Chanakya to build one of the biggest political empires in Asia.

Harlan Sanders had struggled his whole life to become big and had reached the age of retirement when he suddenly discovered his real purpose in life. At last he had come up with an idea and he wanted some financers to back it up. He determinedly travelled all across the USA in his search for the people who could back him. He made one of the biggest records of rejection in the history when a thousand and nine people turned him down. They laughed at his idea. After four and half years Harlan Sanders was able to arrange enough money to open his first Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet which was to become one of the biggest restaurant chains. Ray Crock found his purpose only when he was 55 and still a salesman. He was about to reach at the end of his career. Then like the hit of a lightning his found his purpose and in next ten years he became a billionaire by establishing a large network of McDonalds.

If your work is not suitable to your talent or your psychological structure you may often feel unhappy or confused. When you live with a purpose you are able to live a healthy, enthusiastic and a very fulfilling life. You are also surrounded by a unique aura which gives a magic touch to your personality. Orison Swett Marden said “There’s no grander sight in the world than that of a person fired with a great purpose, dominated by one unwavering aim. ” As soon as you find your true purpose in your life you hit the jackpot.

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