What's Your "Why?"


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Why did you do that? Why didn't you do that? What is it that motivates us to achieve the goals that we have set? How come some people can stay focused and motivated despite the obstacles? How do they continue to get up everyday, and still go forward with their goal?

They have a big enough reason, a big enough “why"!

We all have goals and push towards achieving them, but the secret to truly maintaining the consistent pressure required to achieve, the secret to having relentless motivational drive, is to have such a big “why" that any other outcome would be catastrophic!

"I want to be wealthy because I want to have a Ferrari and look cool!" Thats great but do you think that is going to motivate you? not likely! I mean maybe for a rare few the desire to have a Ferrari is so intense that they find their drive. However, to truly be driven you need to search your heart and soul and discover what really moves you. Is it your Children, is it your wife, is it giving back to your parents? Only you know the answer. I want to be wealthy! Why? Because I want to be able to provide a good life for my children, I want to be able to buy my mom the house she has always dreamt of, to be able to afford to bring my family together regularly, To have more time to spend with the ones I love! To be a success!

That is my “why"!

Hey, nice things are great, but this is the real reason, this is my inspiration!

Now, turn this on its head! Think about what would happen if you dont’ achieve your goals, imagine the opposite! Everytime you lose concentration or focus, think about this.

"I need to stay motivated, If I don't I will not be able to provide the best things for my children, my mother and father will continue to struggle, and work untill very old, I will not see them in their later years because I can't afford the travel, I will not enjoy holidays with my family, I will not be able to look after them as they have me, I will not be a success, I will not be a good father!"

It hurts me thinking about it, and that is why I must stay focused!I start getting physically sick when I think about not reaching my goal. This has power to me! It drives me!

Its up to you to look deep inside and understand what you value the most. Then visualise those things being taken away, visualise the hurt, the pain. Then do what it takes!

Do whatever it takes to succeed. The future is yours and yours alone! Live how you decide!

"First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do. " Epictetus

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R. Leal

Ricardo Leal was born in Portugal in 1974 on the dawn of the Revolution. He immigrated to Canada with his parents at the age of 6 and studied in Canada. He obtained a Business college Diploma in Finance and Marketing and launched his first business at 22; Conquest Productions, an Event Planning and Production Company. He then opened his 2nd Business at 25; a nightclub called ‘Mambo Bar & Grill’. He sold his share in 2001 and moved to London, England. In england he worked with large Leisure Companies and coached and produced great Managers and Leaders for a wide variety of Businesses. He is currently writing his first Non Fiction Book, and has recently launched 2 new businesses, Tappy Toes; a childrens Dance/Movement Business, and his first Internet Venture still under construction.

Check out his Success tips at http://www.thesuccessproject.blogspot.com


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