Silent Singing Trees

Rebbie Straubing

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"Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree. " -Joyce Kilmer

The song of the tree is silence. A tree is like a microphone set to the lips of nature. It amplifies the deep, rich quiet of peace. I invite you to listen to the silent song that the tree sings. Once you open, its song draws your voice to it. It enfolds your conversations in its natural tones and your relationships become soothed by its presence. The delicate and melodious silence softens your interactions. The power and vigor of the tree supports your inner alignment. It boosts your confidence and reminds you of what you love. In order to sense the song of a tree, first open to the notion that the tree is really singing. As you realize that the tree offers a strong vital vibration that modulates over time, you can understand this as a song.

Once you feel comfortable with this notion, understand that this is a song you will not hear with your ears. Consider the possibility that you are completely capable of sensing this song as a feeling. Enter into the possibility that the preset relationship between human beings and trees includes a sensitivity to each other’s songs. Research has shown that plants respond to our offering of conversation and prayer. Of course this is not a one-way street. We also respond to their message, which comes to us subtly through their silent song.

Choirs of Trees

If you bring yourself into a receptive state of being, you can sense the very personal silence offered by any tree. It is a gift to you from the tree. It is a natural and vigorous silence. It nourishes. It heals. It is alive. In a forest or on a city street, you will find a choir of trees each expressing its own silent hum into the magnificent chorus. Each tree pulses with its own rhythm and solos in its own voice.

Singing Along

You can sing with the trees. It doesn’t matter whether or not you think you are a good singer. When you sing silently you allow the hum of your inner nature to emanate from within you. When you let your inner nature sing along with a tree you are amplifying your own nature and you are also harmonizing your expression with another beautiful, natural silence. When you sing like a tree your voice is heard in beneficial ways.

Low Silence

The roots of the tree offer low silence, deep bass silence. As you walk through your neighborhood, pause at the roots of a well established tree. Listen to the silence. Let your inner silence sing with the deep tones of the tree’s roots. This harmony helps ground you. It roots you within yourself.

High Silence

The high branches sing in a different tone. Their silence vibrates like a reed to the air passing through it. Bring your song into harmonious relationship with the tall branches. This song uplifts you as you align with it.

Silent Singing People

Once you have opened to the notion of trees singing and once you have listened and sung along, you may want to take the next step.

If you and a friend both enjoy silently singing with trees, you may want to try doing this with each other. You can both sit or stand and silently emanate with an intention to harmonize with the other’s silence. Singing together like trees deepens your relationship with each other and prepares you to be able to do this with more and more of the people (and trees) in your life. As you move through your day, you can become increasingly tuned in to your own silent song and the silent songs of others. You can begin to harmonize your silence with those around you. People may notice how good it feels to be around you.

By silently singing, you bring a conscious intention to your vibrational emanation. Your inner tone, which at times may be noisy and haphazard, can become harmonious and pleasurable. This is the joy of understanding your own silence as an inaudible song. By listening to the silent song of the trees you train yourself into beauty. By listening to the silent song of people, you move yourself toward loving relationships. By learning to sing along with the silence of others, you enter an arena of sweet, sweet music that will never be heard by the ears, but will be felt and appreciated by the hearts of the trees and the people in your life.

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