Dreaming Perpendicular To Life

Rebbie Straubing

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The horses on the merry-go-round know something about life that we often forget. They go around and around in their “lives” much as we do. They face forward and move along their path. We do that too. But they have a vertical pole that’s physically visible and palpable. They go up and down within the forward thrust of their movement. Most of us prefer getting on one of the horses that goes up and down to riding the ones that just go forward. The kids all run for the horses that will give them the feel of the perpendicular movement.

Our lives would be much more “merry” if we’d remember to include that vertical component in our personal “go-round. ”

Creating Your Reality

Do you have a clear sense of the role you play in the creation of your reality? Life unfolds before you. You look forward, step forward and live forward into it. The manifestation of your reality, like a red carpet rolling out before you, unfolds parallel to the earth. It runs parallel to your gaze, parallel to the forward movement of your physical journey. That is the plane of manifestation. If you attempt to dream in that same plane, you will encounter much traffic. Your light-filled dreams will become obscured by the physical density of your already manifested realities. It is a crowded and cluttered place, the realm of the already-created. If you dream there, your new creations will look much like your old ones. The carousel horses know this. That’s why they move up and down.

By moving vertically, the merry-go-round ride brings the light of the dream into play. It brings the dream of the unmanifest, rhythmically into the unfolding of the forward reality. That makes the ride much more fun.

This little geometric piece of merry-go-round mysticism can change everything for you. When you learn to dream perpendicular to life, you infuse your creation with brightness. You open the windows and allow a fresh breeze to circulate through the density of your past creations. You bring new possibilities into your previously stagnant belief systems. The results are all good.

Consciously or unconsciously, you have dreamt it all before it has come into form. Since we are mechanically spewing out our perceived realities just before we walk into them, why not create more intentionally? By keeping your dreams vertical and tapping them into the ground with each of your body’s rhythms (your heart beat, your foot steps), like the horse, you bring the vertical dream into the horizontal manifestation and together these two dimensions create a reality much more luminous, much more satisfying.


Sounds good in theory, but how do we do it? How do we insert the vertical dream into our habitual churning out of our horizontal realities? There are many techniques using visualization and imagery that will allow you to bring your vertical dreams into manifestation. Rather than reiterate them here, let’s talk about those moments when we feel stuck. Let’s address those times when we feel so lost in the unwanted manifestation that it is hard to find the feeling state we seek even in visualization. We will use a process I’d like to call “A-maz-ing. ” If done authentically, its results will amaze you.

We all walk around in our own maze. The maze of our limited ego consciousness keeps us scurrying down blind alleys. It guides us over and over again through our deeply grooved habits of thought and behavior. Everywhere we turn we seem to encounter another wall, another arbitrary choice of “go left” or “go right. ” With no reliable navigational tools, we can easily become disheartened and depressed, lost in the maze.

In order to free ourselves from the maze, in order to “a-maze” ourselves, we need a vertical perspective. We can find the bird’s eye view we need in the form of guidance from our higher self. As long as we look forward, all we see is the next corridor of the maze which can bring on feelings of being trapped, dissatisfied, depressed or discouraged. By turning our attention from forward to upward, we include our higher self (who sees us in those moments like a dot in the maze). A new possibility comes into play. We can be mystically guided through these puzzling tunnels and quickly step out into the open rolling fields and bright sunlight, into freedom and life.

Following the Light Within

It’s as easy as following the light. That’s how you do it. It may not be a visible light, but it will be a knowing of light. A knowing of right. A knowing of good. You can feel this guidance with increasing accuracy the more you experiment with it. Abraham tells us “good feels good and bad feels bad. ”* I’ve never heard a better summary of the whole process than that. It takes a conscious effort to follow the stream of good that leads you out of the maze. It takes a sincere opening to your own higher self. Remind yourself that your higher self can see your situation from a perspective that includes much of the picture that is blocked from your vision. Ask for guidance. Take it when it comes. A-maz-ing!

Making it Physical

The merry-go-round ride is simple, easy and fun. There is no prerequisite of metaphysical study and spiritual practice before purchasing your ride ticket. The same is true for dreaming perpendicular to life. Just as the vertical movement is built into the horses, it’s built into you. With every step you take, the biomechanics of your feet lift you upward. Each step you take guides you up as it thrusts you forward.

Simply tune into the vertical component of your step and you gain access to the perpendicular component of creation. Can it be that easy to dream light into your life? Yes.

© Rebbie Straubing

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