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The wholeness of life has, from of old,
Been made manifest in its parts.

-Lao Tzu

Healing your body, soothing a painful relationship, recovering from a loss, transforming the quality of just about any unwanted situation can begin with one simple step. This step may create an instantaneous shift or it may require time and repetition. In either case, it is profoundly powerful and it sets in motion a cascade of beneficial influences. The simple step that acts like a healing balm on any situation consists of a calling forth of an awareness of wholeness. It is achieved by tuning in to the experience of the whole within the part.

The need for healing, whether it seems physical, emotional or otherwise, can be understood as an imbalance in the relationship between the parts and the whole. Whether you translate this into the relationship between the cells as parts and the whole of the body or the selves as parts and the whole of humanity, we can quickly see that all parts are wholes and all wholes are parts.

When the part aspect of the whole dominates, there can be a coming apart. When the wholeness native to each part resounds with the greater whole, healing occurs. When wholeness permeates the part, ease becomes the tone of that part. Harmony characterizes its relationship with the whole. Health, prosperity, beauty and wisdom spring from this arrangement.

Whole Hearts

It is my desire to do nothing which I cannot do with my whole heart. Ralph Waldo Emerson A good way to start cultivating the wholeness of the parts is by practicing whole-heartedness. Harboring conflicting intentions breaks the heart into com-part-ments. As love flows through the com-part-mentalized heart, it scatters the heart’s light. This disarray creates shadows. We experience these shadows as negative emotions: a bad mood, anxiety, depression, frustration, anger.

The practice of cultivating whole-heartedness unifies our perception of the heart’s light. It blurs the divisions and brings the wholeness of the heart into direct experience. Like looking at the sun, the brilliant glow of the whole heart expresses as one. No parts are apparent as the wholeness comes into awareness. No shadows are cast within the wholeness of the heart because it is all light. With a little conscious effort, we can feel the wholeness of the heart. Its integrity is unmistakable. Its completeness is palpable.

Whole-heartedness sets a tone of oneness that rings so expansively that it brings forward the wholeness within other parts. It resounds powerfully throughout the body and soul. It vibrates through the world and the ethers.

The heart that is whole pumps love through the world. The love that flows from heart to heart inspires gratitude. The gratitude that springs from the flow of love heals even the most ancient wounds. When gratitude is whole-hearted, every part benefits. By a simple turning of your attention to your own wholeheartedness, you can bring healing to your world.

Being “Greatful”

To be grateful is to be great. In gratitude, we focus upon that which is great and tune ourselves to that vibration. In gratitude, we, as parts, tune ourselves to the whole. To be great is to be grateful. Within greatness there can always be found an honoring of the whole. This honoring of the whole finds whole-hearted expression as gratitude.

Habits and Lost Parts

The part in question may be a cell, an organ or a system in your body. It may be a memory, a desire or a specific aspect of your personality. The part may even be your perception of your role in a personal relationship, a community or all of humanity. The part in question can go astray and lose its resonance with the whole. Parts that get lost in this way tend to create unwanted patterns which can become habits.

We often feel at the mercy of these habits as they undermine our well-being and have us doing things we later regret. These unwanted habits represent parts which have lost their resonance with the whole. They are parts that see themselves as separate partial entities living in a world of other separate partial entities.

Battling these habits becomes a futile struggle of part against part. This struggle can manifest as a medicine cabinet full of prescription bottles, a never-ending stream of fad diets or a repetitive history of “giving up smoking. ” As long as these solutions are based on a reaction of one part to another, they are still part-dominated. Living in a dominant vibration of the part promotes disharmony which can manifest in any form of misalignment between your intention and your activity.

We tend to think of habits as patterns of behavior. It can be useful, however, to notice that we have more subtle habits of vibration which precede our actions and generate the more visible outer habits that can plague us.

Bringing wholeness into balance with “partness” will shift the way you feel and may inspire completely different actions, both on a cellular level and in your conscious activity. Keeping your feeling awareness steeped in whole-heartedness will bring forth in you uncompromising integrity and enormous compassion both for yourself and others. It will set the tone of wholeness (health) in your body. Bringing the feeling of wholeness into the heart heals all wounds. It breaks unwanted habits. It makes every moment new.

The Habit of Gratitude

Developing a habit of gratitude ensures a balance of the parts with the whole. Gratitude amplifies the presence of the whole within the part. Once gratitude becomes habitual it nourishes the system on an ongoing basis bestowing all sorts of benefits. It awakens the inner wholeness of the part. It harmonizes the actions of the part within the whole. All aspects benefit.

To begin developing the habit of gratitude, let your extremes be your triggers. When things are going magnificently well, let that be a reminder to give thanks whole-heartedly. When things are going all wrong, let that be a reminder to look for something good. Let the unwanted circumstances be a trigger for your new habit of whole-heartedness and gratitude. Find something you can appreciate with your whole heart.

By replacing your conflicted awareness of the unwanted part with a feeling of wholeness through gratitude, you are shifting the patterns of karma. You are revealing your inner glow. You are brightening your future. You are healing your whole system. You are contributing a beneficial vibration to your world.

© Rebbie Straubing

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