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Rebbie Straubing

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Have you noticed that some desires manifest quickly and easily while others seem to drag on and on without even a hint of fulfillment? Does your heart long for a mate? Does your pocket ache for some cash? Does your mind chat about enlightenment all through your meditation? As spring approaches we have the opportunity to plant seeds. Long before the seeds bring us zinnias and zucchini they offer us a far-reaching lesson.

We place the seed in the earth. The clock ticks. Days pass. The ground is quiet and still. It looks like nothing is happening. Meanwhile, under the surface, the seed awakens. A life is born. However, the seed’s transformational awakening looks exactly like its slumber to us living above the surface of the earth. From our limited perspective, we cannot tell the difference between dormancy and a surge of momentum toward life.

A similar gestational period occurs when we plant a seed with our intention into the fertile ground of consciousness. A period follows when it looks like nothing is happening. But just like the physical seed, which is undergoing its greatest metamorphosis hidden within the womb of the earth, the seed of our intention sprouts without our conscious awareness. How we relate to that period of invisible progress has much to do with what we will place in our baskets at harvest time.


One apple seed, which produces one apple tree, offers innumerable apples in its lifetime. Each apple contains a core of seeds. From the one seed that produced the tree, countless seeds meet the earth for another opportunity to sprout. Some sprout. Some don’t. Seeds surge into existence with such abundance that regardless of which seeds sprout, the big intention of the tree moves powerfully forward.

One seed of our intention also produces an abundance of new intentions, all moving towards the fulfillment of the big desire behind our actions. Some of our intentions sprout. Some don’t. It is helpful to remember the abundance of the seeds that we sow and the fertile nature of consciousness. It is comforting to know that plenty will sprout for the fulfillment of our soul’s desire.


As we plant our seeds in the spring, we trust the process. We feel confident that the seeds will grow into colorful edibles or decorative beauty. Bunches of tiny, compact seeds fit in the palm of our hand and we spread them without a worry about which exact seeds will sprout and which ones won’t. We let the earth and the seeds work out the details under the surface and we welcome whichever sprouts shoot their little heads into the light.

This is a beneficial attitude to have with our intentions. To sow them into the ground of being and to trust that it will all come to fruition in a magnificent way. We don’t have to dig our hands under the earth to squeeze the life through the seed. We simply wait and trust. And while we wait, we cultivate. We pull the weeds that may appear. We water if the weather is dry. We assist the invisible process with our loving care. Our care is based on trust that the process goes on with or without our help.


If you constantly dig up your seeds to see why they have not grown yet, you interfere with the invisible process. Here are three simple steps that will nurture your invisible progress toward your most cherished goals.

Choose an intention that seems dormant. One that you’d like to move forward into manifestation. In this exercise we will cultivate the seeds of our intentions. We will embrace this period of quiet transformation when it seems like nothing is happening. Before long, you may find yourself with a big stable tree in your backyard providing you with season after season of fruit.

Step 1. Check the packet

What seed are you planting? It helps to plant a seed that you really want to see flower.

If you have conflict about the potential outcome of your seed-desire, you may find your garden facing a drought this season. Step one asks only that you double-check your intention. Does it resonate fully with your inner truth? Will the eventual fulfillment of this desire uplift you and others around you? Will it bring you joy? Will it open you to a greater flow of life-force? Ask yourself questions about your desire and make sure you are planting seeds you will love growing.

Step 2. Water

Flow your joyful attention toward the feeling of the fulfillment of your intention. Find every good feeling aspect of the process and its fulfillment and rain your tears of joy onto the invisible project.

Step 3. Weed

As conflicting thoughts of doubt and fear enter your awareness, remove them with a sense of authority and ease. Don’t give much attention to your weed-thoughts. Just notice that they are crowding the garden of your awareness and remove them by returning to step two. Nurture only the seeds you have planted. The weeds will wither.

Keep clearing the ground for your beautiful sprout to make its appearance whenever it is ready. These three invisible steps can make all the difference as your project moves toward manifestation. In this time, when it looks like nothing is happening, it can be especially comforting to remember that you don’t have to make the flowers grow. That is not your job. The power of the invisible process lies in trusting the invisible progress.

© Rebbie Straubing

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