Infinite Infinities

Rebbie Straubing

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"All of (The Infinite) is present at any and every point within Itself. "

-Ernest Holmes

The next time you must face your boss’s attitude, your mother-in-law’s opinion, your slimming bank account or your expanding body, I invite you to look into your own eyes before you take any action. Who you see when you look in the mirror plays a major role in determining how you will fare as you engage in just about any challenging situation.

If something is gnawing at your attention and disturbing your peaceful center, you can begin to shift your state about that condition right now as we move through this brief process together.

You know what’s bothering you. Do you shrink when you think about this challenge? If you feel reduced in stature, diminished in power or demoted to a defensive posture in relation to some circumstance in your life, then you have probably forgotten something very important. You have forgotten that you are Infinite.

You can transform your experience and your outcome in this difficult situation by remembering one simple thing. Deep within the outer garb of your body and personality, you are a mystical vortex through which the Infinite Universe expresses itself. Once you blink into this awareness, you inhabit a new set of possibilities. You become co-creator in your life rather than stagnant observer of things already created.

The Smallest Thing

You may think that the Universe is an infinite collection of finite things, a great big bucket of apples and planets, stars and caterpillars. I prefer to think that the Universe is an infinite collection of infinities, and you are one of them (as are the stars and the caterpillars). The shift from seeing yourself as finite to knowing yourself as infinite rocks the boat of possible outcomes. It names you as captain of all the creative potential you can believe in. It sets you free from the canal you had yourself backed into.

We can see evidence of the presence of Infinite Infinities even on the physical plane. Every atom in your body is infinite. Atoms were originally thought to be the bottom line. The smallest thing. Then of course we found the components of the atom. For a while we were content to draw pictures of electrons swirling around protons and neutrons. They were the smallest things. Then we found more subatomic particles.

Particles that aren’t even particles. The longer we search, the more we find that it never ends. You can always go deeper.

Although you already have this information filed in your knowledge banks, it wakes the sleepy consciousness to hold this ongoing awareness. It is coffee to the hibernating soul-essence to consider that, even physically, you are a conglomerate – not of finite smallest things – but rather of infinite points of endless deepening.

Like a rose that just keeps blooming or a kaleidoscope that keeps on turning, this continual unfolding is who you are. Every cell in your body is infinite. Every thought in your mind is infinite. There is no end to your personal infinities and they all swirl back to the one Cosmic Infinite.

From Nothing to Infinity

What does that say about your creative potential? Who is moving the brush across your canvas? By bringing your relationship with the Infinite into your awareness, you empower yourself in the creation of every next moment. You open yourself to the great flow of life-force and you allow the divine breath to breathe itself through you. Here are two steps that will bring you closer to accessing this mystical truth about yourself.

Step 1 – Nothing

Close your eyes and consider the smallest thing. Recall that your body is made of these “smallest things. ” Let your mind travel deeper and deeper into the uncharted, dimensionless silence of the smaller and smaller and smaller and smaller thing until you reach a sense of nothing. Take as long as you need to reach this feeling. Sit for a while in the peaceful darkness/light of no-thing. Recall that you are made of infinite points of this.

Step 2 – Infinity

In this quiet, pre-creation space of no-thing, feel the softness of your body and your awareness. Feel the fluid nature of your being in this state with no form. This is the blank canvas, the state of infinite creative potential. This is where you can have the thought “apple” or “love” or “family” and bring it into your experience. This is where you can create anything from no-thing. Previous patterns and probabilities have been disassembled and anything is possible. Look deeply into the unformed Infinite and ask your heart what it most desires.

Somewhere In-Between

Let’s return to your boss and your mother-in-law for a minute. Let’s remember your bankbook and your belt size. You can use this two-step process not only as a tool for general inner exploration. It can also act as a clarifying agent, a problem-shifting device, a polish that lets your true-self shine through. Bring a question or problem with you into the above process. It will dissolve in step one. In step two it will reconfigure itself into a new possibility. It will reveal a new priority. It will tell you what your Infinite self wants in this situation.

The importance of someone else’s attitude or opinion will shrivel. When you include your infinite truth in your day-to-day affairs, you begin to experience the physical universe with its wallets and its scales as a fluid and changing reality. The next time you look in the mirror, invite your Infinite self to join you in your most mundane routines. As you look in your own eyes, see your Infinite nature.

© Rebbie Straubing

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