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I’ve been wearing glasses since the first grade. If you put my glasses on, you may spin for a brief moment. Same thing if I look through yours. We all know that the lense you look through affects what you see.

The Loop

We live in a loop. When talking about how we create our own reality, ‘Abraham’ often highlights the distinction between observing and imagining. They tell us that we tend to observe what we have created. Then, by giving our attention to what has already been created, by making what we observe our point of focus, we create it again and again.

So whether you are looking at your spouse or your bankbook, when you are in the observing mode, it’s a good idea to seek things to observe that you would want more of – things that feel good when you observe them.

Carefully choosing the lens you look through, whether you are looking at loved ones or strangers, blessings or challenges, becomes a practice in itself. Selecting your focus with awareness makes all the difference in your experience of the moment. It also determines how you seed your future experience. But you already know that. That’s how we make the most of the loop.

Mystical Transformation

You can also opt out of that loop. And you may want to, even if you’ve got the loop working pretty well for you. You can choose a more original, satisfying and extraordinary creative pathway. This is the mystical path. It begins with a simple shift in focus.

You set foot on this mystical trail when you acknowledge that, although your reality may be influenced by the lens you are looking through, there is a larger factor at play. Here’s how it works. As long as you are in the observing mode, you are steeped in a limiting belief system. You live in a world where the story you are experiencing seems to have an objective reality. You think your world is out there, solid and real and you walk into it.

Even though you can make it more or less enjoyable by the lens you choose as you look around, you are still looking around. You are still enmeshed in the belief that reality is already created. You still sense that it is out there and waiting for you to walk into it and react to it.

One pivot point changes everything. You pivot onto a mystical detour when you realize that you create as you go. That the power is not in the lens but in the one who is looking through the lens. If you want a profound transformation, not only in your circumstances, but in your experience of life itself, look behind the glasses. There you will find a different type of lens. There you will find the prism that you are.

Manifestation of the Rainbow

The prism you are determines the life you create. White light enters a prism and out come rainbows. The white light of Source Energy enters your human prism and emerges as the specifics of your life. White light is pure life potential and it streams through you as consciousness.

Inside the prism, something extraordinary happens. We can tell because light enters the prism white and singular and it exits the prism colored and diverse. As the light leaves the prism, it reveals what had been its secret potential. It shows its colors.

Life energy pours into you at every moment. Undifferentiated Source Energy streams into the vortex that you are. Within you, it gets split apart and turned into the many vibrations of your consciousness. Different vibrations (wavelengths) produce different experiences (colors). Pure spirit transforms into the manifestations of your life via the prism of your individuality.

How you are and who you are determine the life you generate. The cleaner and purer your prism, the more magnificent your unique rainbows. Windex How do you cleanse and purify the prism that you are? Most spiritual paths offer practices for just this purpose. Here’s a simple 2-step process you can start using every day to clean your prism.

1. Spray. When you’ve got dirt and grime on your prism (limiting habits of thought), it’s hard to go straight from grimy to pure. It helps to spray on a little cleanser. Our cleanser will be a word. Choose “love” or “beauty” or your favorite name for God. Sit in meditation with this word as your mantra. Make sure it is a word that rings true for you. Then steep your consciousness in the vibration of this word. Breathe the word.

2. Wipe. Once you feel a shift in your state, use silence as your cloth to clear away both the dirt and the soap. Let go of your awareness of both your limiting beliefs and your mantra. Sit in the silence – even if just for a moment or two. This simple process, practiced regularly, brings out new colors in your relationships. It brightens the eyes of your loved ones. It clears the obstacles from your career path. It renews your vitality. It opens extraordinary possibilities that can only be seen in the light of the rainbow.

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