Muscles Don't Push

Rebbie Straubing

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When I was in chiropractic school, I had a teacher who liked to impress one point on our fertile, young minds. He repeated it over and over and reminded us of this fact every time the subject matter allowed.

The point was this: Muscles don’t push. They can’t.

Physical Muscle Only Pulls. Muscles can only pull. All a muscle can actively do is shorten. That’s how all the intricate motions of ballet and kung fu and mountain climbing are done: by muscles getting shorter and moving the bones they are partnered with. They can only pull. They can’t push.

Universal Muscle Only Attracts. Some years later I found myself at an Abraham* workshop. It was in Abraham’s message that I realized that our muscles, even the tiniest human muscle, hardly more than a millimeter long, all these muscles, large and small, carry in their function and morphology a huge universal principle.

Our human anatomy reflects a lesson that, when learned, can change your life. Abraham teaches us that there is no such thing as exclusion, only inclusion. That means the muscle of the Universe can only pull things toward you. It can’t push things away from you. Every time you try to push something away from you, you simply draw it to you by your attention to it.

Although Abraham doesn’t talk about muscle, they teach us well about Law of Attraction. And Law of Attraction acts as the muscle of the universe. It moves things.

And it moves things toward each other. Not just anything. It moves things of a like vibration toward each other. If you could get a cosmic view of the swirling movement, it might appear that some things are moving away from each other, but that’s because they are moving toward something else.

The universe does not push. And so it makes perfect sense that our muscles don’t push either. We match universal law and our genius bodies illustrate the principle brilliantly.

No pushing here.

“Pushing” Logic. Of course, you can push a baby stroller. Doors are labeled “pull” and “push” and we have no trouble doing either. You can even push a car if you have to.

But pushing is an illusion. It results from a specific combination of pulls. No one muscle can push the door open.

We are often tempted to push against the things we don’t want. We think that if we fight against something, it will go away. And sometimes it seems very logical that if we push hard enough against something that it will go away.

That’s why even some of us who are long-time Abraham students can still find ourselves ignoring what we’ve been taught about Law of Attraction. We can still find ourselves pushing against the things we don’t want. And once we get pushing, we push harder and harder.

When we look at our own anatomy and see this beautiful no-push principle reflected in our muscles, it brings it home. You can only pull. And yet, by cooking up a recipe of a variety of pulls, you either bring things toward you or you create the effect of things moving away from you.

But in a universe of attraction and in a body of muscle, the only way to have things move away from you is by bringing something else toward you.

How Things Move Away From You. Let’s break this down into two groups.

1. First, there are the things you don’t want in your life. These are the things you are trying to push away.

These undesirables may include your friend’s irritating attitude, your pile of unpaid bills, the aches and pains in your body or anything else that you don’t want in your experience. Your logic may be telling you that by “pushing” against it, it will go away.

Law of Attraction is telling you that by giving your attention to it, you are drawing it and more things like it, to you.

Here you have the feeling that you are moving things away from you, but by Law of Attraction, you are really bringing them closer.

2. And then, there are the things you do want in your life. You want these to move toward you and yet, they may seem to be moving away from you.

These desirables include all the wonderful people, things and situations you want to draw into your experience. But you may have noticed that some of them are not in your experience. You may even have your thoughts focused in such a way that you feel fear, worry, frustration or some other kind of upset about the things you desire because they are not in your experience.

This creates the effect of the things you want moving away from you. But that’s not really what is happening. Remember, the muscle of the universe only attracts.

Big Muscle, Little Muscle. You can use this hidden relationship between Law of Attraction and your very own muscle to create your life in a way that brings you more joy.

First, remember that Law of Attraction is bringing to you things that match how you vibrate. To expand your understanding of yourself as a vibrational being and to deepen your awareness of Law of Attraction, you can refer to the teachings of Abraham. *

Second, remember that your muscles can actively only pull things toward you. Now let’s put this all together and make it work for you.

How to Use Your Muscles.

Here’s the trick that will shift how you’re attracting. Spend more time engaging your muscles with things you want to bring toward you than with things you want to push away from you.

How simple!

Let’s apply this to both examples.

1. If there is something that you do not want, do not engage your muscles with that thing. Do not use your leg muscles to walk toward it. Do not use your face and head muscles to face it, look at it and talk about it. Do not use your arm and hand muscles to reach out to touch it. Find something you want in your experience and engage your muscles with that.

2. If there is something you want but it isn’t yet part of your experience, use your leg muscles to take you to places where you can get the feeling of the thing you desire.

Use your face muscles to talk about how good you will feel when this thing you want arrives.

Use every muscle you can to prepare yourself to receive the thing you desire when it comes to you. Now you have lined up your personal muscle with the muscle of the universe and you have a mighty partner.

This simple physical practice can shift your manifestation exponentially.

*Gratitude to Jerry and Esther Hicks and Abraham. Visit

© Rebbie Straubing

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