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Are you stuck in a job you hate? Do you dread getting up five days a week and live only for the weekend? If so, consider the wise words of Goethe, an eighteenth century German poet/philosopher, “It is not doing the things we like but liking the things we do that makes life blessed. ” This is good advice and certainly the best place to start.

There’s no way you’ll find the perfect job by complaining about the one you have. Complaining only brings you more of what you’ve already got to complain about. That’s the way things work. The secret to career success is to look for and find satisfaction in your present situation. Once you do, a whole new world of possibility can open up for you. Maybe even your dream job.

Satisfaction brings more satisfaction. Finding ways to love and enjoy your work gets you to lighten up. You become more agreeable and cooperative, more awake and alert, more focused and productive. Looking for reasons to feel good about your work is a creative act in itself. It generates more creativity and allows more good things to come into your life.

Who knows what can happen then? Maybe you’ll actually get to like your job? Maybe you’ll get the promotion and raise you want and now deserve? Maybe someone else will offer you a better position? Or maybe you’ll discover the self discipline and self esteem to create a successful business of your own? Anything is possible when you feel positive about what you’re doing!

So get in step with the “Seven Dwarfs” and “Put on that grin and start right in and whistle while you work. ” Obviously, Snow White’s little friends were marching to the right tune. After all, they ended up with their own diamond mine!

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