Preparing a Map of Unknown Territory - The Top 10 Steps


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1. What do you see from where you are and how does it look on paper?

2. As you change your position what happens to your view?

The unknown position of one point can be fixed by taking its bearings from two others which are known.

3. How can you soar with the eagles to get the benefit of a bird's-eye view?

4. What do you guess is beyond the mountains creating today's horizons?

5. What does your intuition tell you and how is it different from your guesswork?

6. What atmospheric telltales are giving you clues about the land ahead?

7. What does folklore tell you?

May it have been passed down by peoples long gone and contain ancient truths?

8. What can you extrapolate from what is known of the surrounding areas?

9. Your map is like a jigsaw but by the nature of the challenge the pieces may not fit exactly and some may be missing.

Intuitively, what would you change to create the continuous fit and what would make sense in the blank spaces?

10. Be ready to fine tune your map or even amend it drastically as your knowledge increases and your vision becomes clearer.

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