Drunk in Matter

James Rick

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How did you indulge your senses today? You reek of the things that give you pleasure. Your attachments are like glue, binding you to a large wheel that will crush you on its next revolution.

You shrug this inevitable destruction. Like a tax date that one needs not be concerned with until the end of the period. Not realizing that every minute is a potential for salvation. That time itself exists for that purpose and as if handled by a poor money manager, it's squandered on shortsighted, valueless investments.

One need not be sad by this however. This is not a letter of doom. But rather a wake up call for life. Is it not my duty to alert you before you find yourself in a position where the path can not be corrected? If you saw a drunken man, head down focused on a path that was leading him over a cliff, would you not tap him on the shoulder in an attempt to wake him?

Sober up my friends. Everyone suffers from the intoxication of matter since the day of inception. Only when you lift your head can you see clearly the path ahead of you. Awake and find yourself on a path few travel.

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