The Life Pyramid

James Rick

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When I discovered the Life Pyramid I knew I had something spectacular. I hope this discovery has the same impact on you as it did on me.

I've stared at this chart for quite some time.

You'll find after looking at The Life Pyramid you begin to question where you’re every day activities fit into the Pyramid. It's a marvelous tool. I've included some of the details that go along with it. A fuller explanation is available in my book Full Potential.

Cause & Event Control

“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that the stuff life is made of. ”- Benjamin Franklyn

All life is governed by time. With enough time anything could be accomplished. An exceptional individual is one who controls the cause and events of life and does more in a single life time than the average person does over many life times.

Learn to manage your time well and you’ve mastered the first area of the Life Pyramid.

Vitality & Power Potential

Energy is life. And the kind of energy we have governs the kind and quality actions we take in life. Energy aids or hinders the power potential of life. Without energy you have no power and with enough energy you have the power to do anything.

Eat Right, exercise, meditate and take inventory of your energy often to ensure you engage in activities that keep your energy levels high. Do this and you’ve mastered the second area of the Life Pyramid.

Experience & Understanding

“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives. ”- James Madison

Everything you experience with your senses becomes knowledge. And all of the events in your life result in knowledge. Whatever you achieve in life is the result of superior knowledge in that category.

Make learning something new every day a constant in your life. Read often, experience new things, and complete each day knowing that you’ve learned something you can use tomorrow. Do this and you’ve mastered the third area of the Life Pyramid.

Self & People

There are two forms of connection that control your whole life. The connection you make with yourself. And the connection you make with other people. These two things determine the kind and quality of life you experience.

The connection you form with yourself allows you to grow and understand at a rapid pace – making the best use of your other resources.

The kind of people you connect with determines what you learn and teach. The kind of people you connect with on a regular basis determines your ultimate destination in life.

Quality communication determines the quality of links formed in each of your connections. Effective communication builds faster and stronger links. Poor communication causes links to dissolve quickly and the potential of your connections to be limited.

Make connecting with people a constant in your life. Be careful with who you connect with. Study your connections regularly to ensure they are linking you with a quality people. Strive to deepen your connections with quality sources of energy. This means the people that bring you the most joy, the most knowledge, and the most progression in your life. Strive to do the same for them.

Becoming an effective communicator is the single greatest gift you can give yourself. By knowing how to interact, build rapport, strengthen relationships and deepen the connections you make in life, you deepen your overall quality of life. Life is living with yourself and people. Communication is a vital part of how that process plays out.

Assets & Capital

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. ”- Winston Churchill

If you’re going to master your life, taking control of your time and energy will be difficult to do if you are obligated to earn money in order to survive. Therefore mastering the resource of money in your life is an essential component to mastering the other areas of the Pyramid.

With the amount of money in the world and countless ways to gain it, there’s no reason why any person should feel lack or obligation to earn. Often our judgments about money become clouded because it’s so close to power and influence – that we lose sight of mastering the more important resources on the Life Pyramid.

When you master the Life Pyramid, money is a resource that can’t be overlooked or made into an obsession.

Ability to Act

“Most powerful is he who has himself in his own power. ”- Seneca

Ability is actually only half power. Full power is following through with that ability and taking action. Your potential for power is limited to the extent you limit your control over any of the other resources in the Life Pyramid.

If poorly control your time, poorly manage your energy, attain a poor level of knowledge and connect with a poor quality of people and manage money poorly – your power to act & influence is poor. Conversely if you greatly manage your time, greatly manage your energy, attain great levels of knowledge and connect with a great quality of people in a great way, manage money greatly – your power to act and influence is, surprise – great.

Could mastering life be this easy – just master the six fundamental resources of life and take action? Yes but it’s much easier to say than do. You now have a road map for your journey but that doesn’t make the journey any easier. With a sound blue print at least you know you won’t be taking blind steps. And even after all this there’s still one thing you need to make sure you do.

What will you do?"

“Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning. ”- Thomas Edison

Before you even begin you should know where you’re going. The Life Pyramid is your how but you still need a what. When you’ve got all this power to act what are you going to do with it?

It is often lack of planning that causes power to become corrupt. A person in a position of great power and influence with no real plan is in big trouble. Mastering the Life Pyramid could result in good or evil. There’s a lot of power here that needs to be planned out before it’s achieved.

Refer back to your notes earlier about goal planning. Make some clear distinctions on what you want in life and make your vision so clear there’s no mistaking what you’ll do with the power when you have it.

And remember, good will always triumph evil because good is of a higher energy vibration. More energy means greater power potential - so if it’s greater power you seek, focus on greater good.


The Life Pyramid is a great way to bring together everything you learned in this book. Mastering your Life Pyramid is a matter of following the strategies to master Time, Energy, Knowledge, Connection, Money and Power. With the knowledge you have in your hands the “secrets” of the physical and spiritual worlds have opened up to you. Seize the potential power and take action. How long should you continue to master your life? Every day you live it.

This article is part of the James Rick Daily Vitamin by James Rick, a daily blog that merges our understanding of spirit with the physical world. James Rick is author of Full Potential, a revolutionary guide to mastering your life in stages. He is also a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and CEO of two international ventures.

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