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Law of Attraction - Easy Visualization That Works

Julia Denham

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How are your visualization skills? Visualization is the heart of the law of attraction. The better your visualization skills, the sooner the law will work for you.

Of the many visualization techniques available, the following technique is one which works best. I teach it to my students; it works especially well in attracting abundance.

This technique is a process that's taught in the Silva Method, which I've adapted to make it faster and simpler. I call it my “movie/ merge" method.

Here's how it works.

Tip: you need privacy for this technique so you can focus without distraction; close your office door.

I start by forming an intention of whatever I want to achieve.

Then, I visualize myself as I'll be when I've achieved the goal. I set a time and date, and on the screen of my mind, I project an image of myself on that date, when I've achieved whatever the intention is.

I see the images like a movie I'm watching. I then adjust the mental image/ movie (I place the image at a distance of about 30 feet away, not close) until I feel it's the way I want it.

At that stage, I either walk towards the image, and merge with it, becoming the image, and feeling exactly as future-me will feel, or I talk with the image. I ask her advice - what will help me to get to where she is? What should I do right now?

This works amazingly well. I get lots of ideas and insights. From then on, I remember exactly how future-me feels, and the “becoming the image" process raises my vibration, usually permanently.

Try this simple technique - you'll feel great afterwards, and it only takes a minute or three.

What I like most about this method is that your conscious mind makes less of a fuss: there's less “yes, but-" self-talk after you use the technique.

Adapt the technique to your own needs. You can't do this technique “wrong. " Here's how to know you've put the law of attraction to work for you: by the energized, great feeling this technique gives you.

Discover more ways to make the law of attraction work for you at Julia Denham's techniques are simple and fun.


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Law of Attraction Works
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