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Passion, Purpose, and Profit Becoming a Conscious Entrepreneur

Zoe Routh

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Since learning about the Law of Attraction in the last few years, I have really started to embrace the spiritual aspect of running a business. Practical application of what feels ‘woo-woo’ at first is really reaping benefits, for me personally and to the bottom line.

It absolutely takes courage, don't get me wrong! When you make decisions based on your intuition, it goes counter to the mainstream logical training process of weighing the pros and cons. It also makes it difficult to explain decisions to hubby: saying ‘it just feels right’ doesn't cut much mustard for someone who just wants to hear about results!

Here are some tested techniques to help you step in to your passion, purpose, and profits. These are my set practices that keep me focused on what I desire, and help me get in resonance with my goals.

These include a gratitude and success journal to list all my achievements - big and small - each day. It reminds me that I experience success every day, and every little goal that I kick is taking me towards my vision. It's also a reminder to feel good in the moment.

Pray Rain Journal.

This is a fantastic technique I learned from my colleague Jeannette Maw. To ‘pray rain’ is different to ‘praying for rain’. When you pray for rain, the underlying message is that it's not here yet. And that can send out a vibe of worry, despair and fear. You won't manifest your intentions in this state of being.

'Praying rain’ is where you live, breathe, and feel your dreams fulfilled already. Some people can do this through visualisation, or doing a ‘living vision’ where they tell someone about their dream fulfilled. The Pray Rain journal asks you simply to write about your dream fulfilled in full techno-colours, using all of your senses. Fill it with details about what you see, hear, taste, feel, smell and touch when your goal is achieved. This is training your subconscious to respond in a positive way to your goals (instead of triggering a fear response). It also gets you in resonance with your desires.

I find it an energising and inspiring practice.


I have been a reluctant meditator for years. But every time I do it, especially with intentional meditation, the results just flow. Plus I am a lot more relaxed and focused. This has been especially important for me in the last few weeks with all the stressful events.

Common Mistakes of Conscious Entrepreneurs:

1. Forgetting your connection to Source.

I know, I know. We're all busy. Who has time for all this woo-woo stuff anyway? Besides the results are happening, I'm done - I'm on a roll.

That was my first mistake too! When the doldrums hit, that is often when people turn to spiritual practice in search of relief. And when things start to shift, we think we've made it over the bump and it's back to business. Wrong! Being a conscious entrepreneur is a way of living, not a means to an end. Meditation, journaling, and connection is a pleasure in itself with rewards well beyond the material benefits. Lucky the universe takes away our treats to remind us of this!

2. Thinking ‘it's not cool’ to talk spirituality in business.

I had this conversation recently with some colleagues. They, like me, have a growing curiosity about all things spiritual and Law of Attraction. Yet they shrunk back from incorporating this in the conversation with their clients and potential clients - who wants to be labeled the wacky woo woo lady, right?

My experience has shown me the exact opposite is true: when I started to talk about Law of Attraction, all of a sudden all these like-minded people started popping out of the woodwork. In fact, some clients hired me exclusively because I spoke loudly and clearly about the Law of Attraction. This is one of the principles in action: energy is attracted to energy of like vibration. When you are clear about what you want, the people, resources, and opportunities turn up. When I decided I wanted to work with clients who were more open spiritually to the ‘woo woo’ stuff, they started appearing.

3. Going it alone.

Embracing any new way of thinking can be difficult. Support and direction from others who are confident in the practice and have generated benefits and results from it, is critical for you in developing as a conscious business owner. That's why participating in a mastermind is so important - you gain confidence when you are surrounded with like-minded folks.

Go the woo-woo! It will get you results a lot faster and easier than anything else!


Success Coach for Business Leaders Zoe Routh helps business owners create an unstoppable success mindset that delivers results to the bottom line. Zoe has paddled 30 weeks by canoe, run 6 marathons, hiked hundreds of kilometres in Australia's outback, bellydanced at festivals, written a book, survived cancer, married a fair dinkum Aussie bloke, and wrestled a 6 meter crocodile. It's all true, except for the crocodile part. Claim your FREE MINDSET SUCCESS STARTER KIT now at


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