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Welcoming the Law of Attraction Into Your Life


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What do we do when we want to change something in our lives? Well for most of us we look for a solution to this question and more often than not we look to others for this solution. But what if you embodied an inner “genie" of sorts that could give you whatever you wanted or whatever you needed? What if you actually had the ability to manifest every dream you have ever had into something real? So real that you can see it, taste it, touch it, feel it? Throughout history, scientists have created set laws that apply to the universe such as The Law Of Gravity by Newton, or Einstein's General Theory Of Relativity by Einstein (obviously). However, there's another law that has been added to the list.

This law can help you achieve your goals and desires, and fulfill your dreams. This law is referred to as The Law Of Attraction, and although it hasn't officially been added to the Scientific Laws list, it is a real law that does, exist, and you can take advantage of it. This isn't some mumbo jumbo, Hocus Pocus law that only us “dreamers" and “eccentrics" believe in, in fact it's more than an idea, it has strong roots in Quantum Physics. The Law states that we get what we think about it.

Now just ponder this for a quick second. Think of your day thus far. Have you complained about anything? Have you thought positively about anything? These thoughts and feelings you're having can very well “map" out the rest of your day, or for that matter the rest of your life. A doctor by the name of Stephen Hawkings is searching the universe for the connection that ties all of us together, and not just all of us (people) but the entire universe, the plants, the air, the animals, the energy.

So if you can't see the attraction, how do you know it's there or that it really exists? I mean this could just be another “hoax" type joke that people are passing around. I believe the only way you can realize it does exist, is by giving it a go. By being open to how you act now and what you get now, and trying the law of attraction and seeing how you act then and what you get then. I'm positive you will be astounded by the results. This isn't something you necessarily have to understand, simply accept it. Love it. Cherish it. Believe it. Once you accept it you will then see how it works and by tapping into the positive energy of the Universe you can transform that energy!

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The Law of Attraction in Everyday Life
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